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Email Marketing Trends in 2024 and How Can You Follow Them

Email Marketing Trends in 2024 and How Can You Follow Them,

Teodor Mincu is an Email Marketing Strategist & Founder of MessengerOS, a tool for companies willing to engage with their customers & subscribers through Email & SMS messaging.
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Email marketing is evolving in many directions, starting with the tools we use to create emails and ending with the way we generate and understand engagement reports for each campaign we send.

Here are 6 developing trends for Email Marketing in 2024, as observed by Teodor Mincu, Email Marketing Strategist & Founder of MessengerOS


1. Making email a more secure space


The landscape of email security is undergoing a significant transformation, evolving from recommended best practices to mandatory requirements, especially for high-volume senders. This shift is primarily driven by updated guidelines from industry giants such as Google and Yahoo. With these new rules set to be enforced starting in February 2024, we are at a pivotal moment in the industry’s approach to email authentication.

What you can do: Adding a DMARC directive is one of the technical steps that has to be taken (if not already taken) in order to comply with the new Yahoo & Google rules set.

The adoption of authentication methods such as Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is becoming a popular strategy to combat phishing. BIMI enhances email authenticity and improves the user experience by displaying the company’s logo in the inbox, adding an extra layer of trust.

As we look towards 2024, we expect to see a rise in brands implementing multi-factor authentication and adopting multichannel verification methods, including email and SMS. This not only strengthens account security but also offers users the flexibility to select the most convenient verification method.

What you can do: The most common example would be the use of two-factor authentication for our eBanking transactions. This security measure must be implemented and used by the customers of Email Marketing Platforms as well in order to secure their subscribers data.


2. Expanded Generative AI


Generative AI is marking a transformative era in email marketing technology, providing marketers with advanced capabilities. It helps contribute to creation of more effective and personalized email campaigns, all while conserving time and resources. Unlike basic automation tools, generative AI facilitates the crafting of dynamic, highly personalized content at a large scale.

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What to do: When you have a lack of inspiration, you can ask ChatGPT for a compelling subject line that you can adapt for your email content. Even more, you can search educational content with ChatGPT to generate content that will fit your audience.


3. Minimalistic designs: embracing simplicity


In 2024, the mantra “less is more” resonates strongly within email marketing, as minimalistic designs take center stage. 

The trend towards simplicity in email design reflects a strategic choice to cut through digital clutter and foster genuine connections. In a digital environment where consumers seek authenticity, leveraging personalization within text-based emails can significantly enhance intimacy and engagement.

What to do: Using a person’s name in the sender name (not the brand) and the recipient’s first name in the subject can make your message look very personal. This is to catch attention and make the recipient open your email. Then, using the recipient’s first name in the email content makes it more compelling and strengthens the relationship with the subscriber which will help in generating more sales.


4. Mobile focus: prioritizing responsive design


As mobile traffic continues to dominate, the necessity for mobile-friendly email campaigns has never been clearer. Optimal strategies include concise copy, mobile-friendly design, strategic CTA placement, and navigable spacing.

Designing for dark mode involves ensuring emails look good and remain functional across all viewing modes, presenting a challenge in maintaining visual harmony in both light and dark settings.

What to do: For dark mode compatibility, use logos or other illustrations without a background image. If the logo is black, add a white Outer Glow that will look like a light from the back of the logo in dark mode and will be invisible in light mode.

Also use short and compelling sentences and add spaces between them so it is easy to read. Most of the people are skimming the text, not really reading it.

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5. Email Marketing automation: streamlining communication


In an era where content overload is the norm, email marketing automation emerges as a strategic solution to ensure consistent, personalized communication between brands and subscribers. This technology not only streamlines interactions but also empowers customers, giving them control over what lands in their inbox.

What to do: Drip email campaigns have proven to be more effective than traditional blasts. Triggered by specific user actions, these campaigns deliver information in manageable “drips.” This approach fosters a friendlier, more engaging communication channel that’s not perceived as overwhelming by recipients. It’s about delivering the right message at the right time, without burdening the subscriber with too much information all at once.


6. Shifting focus to new metrics in Email Marketing


In the face of increasing privacy protections, such as Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), and tighter data restrictions, marketers are adapting by exploring new metrics to gauge the success of their email campaigns. This evolution in measurement reflects a deeper understanding of what truly indicates engagement and value, moving beyond superficial metrics like open rates. 

At the end of the day the most important strategy to take is to respect your subscribers: send valuable content, keep a clean email list and easily allow your subscribers to unsubscribe from your emails in case they want this.

What to do: Beside your sales emails, you can send educational, informational content. This can be an article, a short list of things that are useful for your audience in their day to day life. They will engage (open/click) these emails, which beside the subscriber appreciation, it will help with your email deliverability in time. Gmail & Yahoo will notice the engagement and will send more and more of your emails to the inbox or promotions tab and not to the spam folder.

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