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DRONAMICS to unveil the full-scale Black Swan UAV next week

DRONAMICS to unveil the full-scale Black Swan UAV next week,
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Fast air freight at the cost of road freight has long been considered a desirable yet unachievable goal in the global freight industry.

On the 7th of December, 2021, the world will witness the unveiling of an advanced new concept in airfreight that represents a realization of that very goal. At 19:15 CET, at Sofia Airport in Bulgaria, DRONAMICS will reveal to the world – the Black Swan – an advanced UAV that will be the most fuel-efficient cargo plane ever built.

Able to carry up to 350kg of cargo in a single load the Black Swan will enable DRONAMICS to usher in a whole new era in fast, affordable airfreight for the world. Flying up to an altitude of 20,000 feet, the Black Swan has a range of 2,500 km, it can operate from runways as short as 400 meters, paved or unpaved.

No longer will anyone be forced to choose between low-cost road freight that can take days to deliver or fast air freight that is so expensive it often wipes all the profit on the load. Same day, affordable airfreight is finally here.

The unveiling of the Black Swan represents a critical milestone in the company’s goal to be the world leader in cargo drones. No one else has a concept like the Black Swan at such an advanced stage of development, which means we are on the threshold of making this concept commercially viable. Testing, certification and commercial operations will follow soon.”

Svilen Rangelov, CEO of DRONAMICS 

“The advanced performance and carrying capabilities of the Black Swan, operating between a network of ‘droneports’, represents a new model for same day airfreight. Our innovative and technologically advanced aircraft and automated flight control systems are unique in our industry. The world has literally never seen anything like it before. It will change the airfreight industry overnight.”

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Konstantin Rangelov, CTO of DRONAMICS 

As the world leader in cargo drones, DRONAMICS plans to roll out a global network of droneports allowing the Black Swan to provide the critical missing “middle mile” in air freight. Whether ferrying vital supplies between the islands of the Mediterranean or delivering critical parts for mine operations in the remote Australian outback, DRONAMICS will link towns and cities around the world with each other in a way simply never possible before.

And it will do so in a more environmentally friendly manner than any previous airfreight solution with emissions some 40-70% lower than any other comparable solution, enabling global partners like DHL and Hellmann Logistics to achieve their lowered emissions targets more easily.

The launch of the Black Swan will be live-stream online on 7th December 2021 at 19:15 CET, for more information visit 


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