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The Killers of Legacy Tech: 3 Examples From the Romanian Startup Ecosystem

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In the fast-paced world of technology, startups constantly emerge with groundbreaking ideas and innovative solutions that disrupt legacy industries. By creating products and services with strong differentiators, these startups provide immense value to their clients, quickly establishing themselves as leaders in their respective sectors. This article explores how three disruptive startups in Romania – Licenseware, Meetgeek, and OxidOS – aim to change their industries through their offerings and approaches.

Transforming IT Asset Management – provide a toolbox, not a monolith

Licenseware is an IT Asset Management (ITAM) industry player that has earned the trust of large clients such as Accenture, Wipro, Crayon, Lansweeper. The startup’s success can be attributed to its suite of applications designed to manage the software licensing process. Unlike traditional players in the ITAM field, Licenseware recognized the need for a modular approach that allows IT asset management professionals to address complex challenges efficiently.

By offering a comprehensive toolbox, Licenseware enables professionals to solve intricate problems related to software licensing. This modular approach empowers organizations to streamline ITAM processes, optimize license usage, and reduce costs. Through their software solutions, Licenseware has become a reference in the ITAM industry, demonstrating the transformative power of disruptive startups. 

Leading the way in AI-powered meeting assistance – leverage generative AI

Meetgeek is a smart AI-powered meeting assistant whose proprietary technology leverages generative AI to deliver remarkably accurate meeting summaries. Despite operating in a crowded market, Meetgeek has distinguished itself as one of the top three products globally in its category, according to the hundreds of 5 star reviews on G2.

What sets Meetgeek apart is its advanced AI algorithms, which enable it to accurately comprehend and interpret meeting discussions. By providing concise and comprehensive meeting summaries, Meetgeek empowers professionals to make informed decisions and optimize productivity. This startup’s rapid rise to prominence highlights the impact that disruptive technology can have on traditional industries. 

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More than 95% accuracy in its AI-powered summaries, delivered in under 5 minutes to your inbox, or the over 2000 integrations that make any setup possible in less than 2 minutes, this is technology that delivers. And that is what clients such as Nike, Bosh, AOL, RedHat, Workday, Decathlon, and UNDP need and pay for, just to read from MeetGeek’s client list.

Closing the technology gap towards software defined vehicles – don’t be afraid of giants

Finally, OxidOS exemplifies how a startup can disrupt an industry that struggles between ambitious plans to transform itself from a mechanical-focused to a software-focused industry – and the burden of legacy technology and sunk costs.

The company has developed a Rust-based toolbox and Operating System designed explicitly for scalable automotive software, focusing on safety-critical automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs). Rust’s features and OxidOS’ architecture provide 100x security and safety enhancements while reducing development and certification time for automotive ECU software projects by half (e.g., from three years to one-year typical dev cycle). 

The OxidOS architecture runs memory-sandboxed applications that are digitally signed and use cryptographic credentials. This approach also allows for faster portability and increases code reusability, reducing application porting time 10-fold.

As a result, OxidOS quickly gained traction among automotive and semiconductor giants, establishing itself as the go-to solution in the industry, with multiple PoCs in the works. Some will be presented in premiere at the IAA – Internationale Automobil Ausstellung Mobility 2023 conference in September in Munich.


Licenseware, Meetgeek, and OxidOS exemplify how young startups can quickly rise to prominence and disrupt traditional industries by creating products and services with strong differentiators. These startups have redefined the ITAM, meeting productivity and automotive ECU development sectors by introducing unique approaches and leveraging modern technologies.

Their success stories demonstrate the transformative power of startups in driving industry-wide innovation, offering immense value to clients, and challenging established players. As the startup ecosystem continues to evolve, it is clear that disruptive startups will continue to shape industries across the globe, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and fueling technological progress.

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Disclaimer: Early Game Ventures is an investor in the startups presented in this article.


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