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D2XCEL Launches First Open Call to Deep Tech and Digital Ventures to Address Vital Industry Challenges

D2XCEL's Pan-European Scaling Programme
Image credit: D2XCEL

Europe faces significant challenges across key industries such as logistics, transportation, urbanization, renewable energy, and construction, concerning inefficiencies, environmental impacts, and sustainability at the forefront. 

At this point in time, deep tech and digital ventures can offer viable solutions to address these issues. From optimizing freight routes and developing sustainable transportation modes to harnessing AI for smart cities and implementing large-scale energy storage solutions, startups have the opportunity to drive transformative change. 


D2XCEL‘s pan-European scaling programme provides a platform for these ventures to access mentoring, funding, and market opportunities, empowering them to develop market-ready applications and accelerate progress towards a smarter, more sustainable economy for Europe and beyond.

Spanning across five market opportunities (MOs) – Logistics, Sustainable Freight Transportation, AI-Powered Digital Services for Smart Cities, Large-scale Stationary Energy Storage and Sustainable and Circular Construction, the programme will select a total of 50 companies to avail of the programme services and propel their progress forward. 


Open Call Timeline:

– April 2, 2024: Launch of open call

– June 14, 2024: Application deadline

– June-August 2024: Evaluation of applications by Selection Panel

– Beginning of September 2024: Announcement of selected companies


How to Apply:

Interested companies can get more information on the open call, eligibility criteria, and application process at


About D2XCEL:

D2XCEL is an EU-funded project aimed at empowering deep-tech and digital ventures to scale and succeed in Europe. With a focus on collaboration, mentorship, and industry-specific support, D2XCEL strives to drive innovation and sustainable growth across key sectors.

Behind D2XCE is a strong consortium of 12 partners from all over Europe: Tech Tour, BRYCK, Maritime Street, NürnbergMesse, UNIMOS, Corporate Ventures Advisory, Zaz Ventures, AnyChange, The Recursive, Aalto University School of Business, Athens University of Economics and Business, Miles Ahead.  Each of partner brings diverse expertise and global influence which will culminate in a unique network of stakeholders supporting the scaling programme. 

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