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Cracking the Code of Life With Prof. Milena Georgieva From EPIX.AI

Image credit: Andrey Andonov
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Our next guest is on a quest to unlock the code of longevity.

Milena Georgieva is a molecular biology, genetics, and epigenetics professor at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

She is also a Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at the startup company EPIX.AI.

In her role, Prof. Georgieva is in charge of R&D activities and manages a group of experts working to understand aging processes and create instruments to measure biological age and extend the human lifespan.

The conversation spans from the genesis of Prof. Georgieva’s fascination with molecular biology, genetics, and epigenetics.

The discussion delves into the current state of genetic research and the mission of EPIX.AI, emphasizing the importance of health span over the lifespan. She explains how their interdisciplinary team leverages biological data, genetics, and epigenetics to create personalized prevention protocols for age-related diseases to extend healthy lifespans.

EPIX.AI, as its name suggests, deploys AI and ML algorithms, to decipher genetic triggers and organize and utilize effectively the abundance of health data.

Prof. Georgieva expresses the necessity for a cohesive ecosystem integrating scientific breakthroughs into practical applications, pointing out the gap between research and its implementation in business. She advocates for a shared language and collaborative mindset between the scientific, business, and governmental sectors to bridge this divide.

Watch the episode to learn more about:

  • The difference between genetics and epigenetics; (Hint: genetics sets a blueprint, but epigenetics determines how these traits are expressed);
  • The shift toward personalized, preventive, and precision medicine and the need for a significant overhaul in medical education;
  • The science of stress and how it influences your mind and body;


*The Recursive Podcast is excited to announce that this episode is released in partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. As part of their mandate to support small and medium-sized businesses, The EBRD’s SME Finance and Development Team provides knowledge, network, and skills to help emerging businesses innovate, thrive, and succeed.

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