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Connecting Cloud Professionals: Inside AWS Community Day Bulgaria

Connecting Cloud Professionals: Inside AWS Community Day Bulgaria,
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become a prominent name in cloud computing, offering over 200 services to millions of customers across 190 countries. Its impact on businesses, government agencies, and individual developers is evident in its widespread adoption and diverse applications.

In this expansive landscape, AWS Community Day Bulgaria 2023 stands as a convergence of ideas, insights, and innovations. Scheduled to unfold in Sofia Tech Park on 7 October, this gathering is an opportunity for cloud professionals, tech enthusiasts, and business leaders to delve into key aspects of AWS, network with like-minded individuals, and explore new horizons. It’s a platform that transcends the ordinary, offering a glimpse into the future of cloud technology. If you’re looking to understand the intricacies of cloud technology, network with industry experts, and gain hands-on experience, this event is a valuable opportunity. Reserve your spot here.

What to Expect: Key Topics and Speakers

AWS Community Day Bulgaria is poised to offer a deep dive into the critical aspects of cloud technology that resonate with today’s digital transformation and cloud adoption. The event’s agenda is meticulously crafted to cover key areas, each presented by industry experts who will translate complex concepts into practical insights.

  • AI on AWS: Wojtek Gawroński will present a builder’s guide to Generative AI on AWS. AI and ML are among the most transformational technologies of our time, capable of tackling some of humanity’s most challenging problems. Georgi Kostadinov will talk about building a scalable and secure AI infrastructure for Healthcare on AWS.
  • Data and Analytics: Stoyan Stoyanov, DevOps Engineer at AWS, will deliver a hands-on session with live coding on how to build a data mesh in AWS. Hristo Stoyanov will tackle RDS MySQL upgrade challenges, and Rosen Rankov will guide attendees on building a Data Lake with Glue, emphasizing data management and analytics.
  • Operational Excellence: Anton Babenko, AWS Community Hero and Terraform influencer, will discuss real-world applications of serverless on AWS with Terraform, providing insights into efficient operations. Ivan Iliev will complement this with a talk on self-service deployment with AWS Proton, shedding light on streamlined processes.
  • Security and Compliance: The importance of security will be highlighted by Pavel Kaminsky, who will delve into cost-efficient PCI DSS on AWS Serverless, emphasizing compliance without compromising on affordability.
  • Cost Optimization and Sustainability: Dimitar Dimitrov will provide actionable tips on managing AWS bills, including embracing ARM, while Ivaylo Vrabchev’s talk on FinOps on AWS will explore financial management within the cloud.
  • Reliability and High availability: Vasil Nedelchev will discuss innovative cloud solutions for space challenges, and Todor Todorov will conduct an engaging workshop on Chaos Engineering on AWS, focusing on system resilience.
  • Performance Efficiency: Boyan Krosnov will share experiences with EC2 and EFA networking for scalable block storage solutions, and Martin Nanchev will discuss AWS CodeGuru for Python, emphasizing performance optimization.
  • Business track:
    Yasen Spasov, Territory Manager – Southeast Europe, AWS, will provide insights into AWS Partnership types, their requirements, benefits, and how to navigate them as being services or product-oriented companies.
    Angel Marinov, an AWS Authorized Instructor, will talk about training and certification, developing AWS skills, and the path to becoming an AWS Solutions Architect.
    Stanislava Goranova, Global Account Manager, AWS Automotive, together with Bosch Digital Bulgaria, will present a digital transformation case study.
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In addition to these talks, the event will feature hands-on training, lightning talks, and opportunities for networking and collaboration.

In essence, AWS Community Day Bulgaria is shaping up to be a comprehensive platform for learning, exploration, and connection, reflecting the multifaceted world of AWS and its impact on various industries.

Connecting Cloud Professionals: Inside AWS Community Day Bulgaria,

Fostering Collaboration

The AWS Bulgaria User Group is a hub for professionals engaged in cloud technology within the region. Unlike traditional networks, this community emphasizes collaboration, shared insights, and continuous learning. It’s a collective space that transcends corporate boundaries, fostering a culture of innovation and exploration.

AWS Community Day Bulgaria is an extension of this ethos. The event’s multifaceted agenda, including in-depth talks, hands-on training sessions, and interactions with local startups, reflects the community’s commitment to growth and technological understanding. By attending, participants are not merely joining a one-day event; they are engaging with a broader network that values knowledge and collaboration.

In an industry marked by complexity and rapid advancements, the AWS Bulgaria User Group offers a platform for collective growth. It’s a space where professionals can navigate the challenges of cloud computing together, leveraging shared experiences and insights. The community’s role in organizing AWS Community Day Bulgaria underscores its mission to nurture a collaborative environment that resonates with the dynamic nature of the cloud industry.

The Only AWS Hero in Bulgaria

Daniel Rankov’s role in the AWS User Group in Bulgaria is well-recognized, and his distinction as the only Bulgaria-based AWS Hero among the 250 professionals recognized globally. His involvement with the AWS Bulgaria User Group demonstrates a commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the community.

Rankov’s professional background includes multiple AWS certifications, such as Solution Architect and DevOps Professional levels. He has led the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) team at MentorMate and served as a leader of the operations team for Trading212 for a decade. He participates in multiple conferences to share knowledge and experience and leads DevOps training for Telerik Academy and FMI, University of Sofia. His approach to software development emphasizes practical application and efficiency, contributing to his reputation in Bulgaria’s cloud industry. Recently, he has embarked on his journey as an entrepreneur by founding Several Clouds.

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Several Clouds, under Rankov’s leadership, is focused on cloud and DevOps consulting. His guidance is steering the company toward growth in the region, reflecting his understanding of cloud technology’s practical applications.

Daniel’s organizational role in AWS Community Day Bulgaria and his AWS Hero status are indicative of his broader impact on both the business and community aspects of the cloud industry. His work in the field positions him as a notable figure in the global cloud community, without overstating his influence.

AWS Community Day Bulgaria encapsulates the collaborative spirit of the cloud community in the region. With a diverse agenda covering essential cloud aspects and spotlighting industry leaders like Daniel Rankov, the event offers a unique opportunity for learning and connection. As the cloud industry evolves, platforms like this play a vital role in fostering growth and innovation without overstatement. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of AWS Community Day Bulgaria 2023. Register now and join the conversation on the future of cloud technology.

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