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Companies in Romania get €30M for green energy projects through the recovery plan

Wind park, Canva
Image credit: Wind park, Canva

More than half of the budget in Romania’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan is allocated to the green transition. And while the largest chunk of the money is set aside for transport infrastructure, energy renovation of buildings, as well as waste and water management, green energy projects can also access funds of up to €600 million.

So far, Romania has been far behind with green transition objectives, and there are several EU infringements against the country. The budget and targets set in the green transition plan are to a great extent in line with the issues identified by the Commission.

Within the green energy component of the plan, Romanian companies of all sizes with electricity generation projects from renewable wind and solar energy sources will be able to access up to a maximum of €30 million.

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The Ministry of Energy has announced the immediate availability of a financing package totaling approximately 600 million euros, non-reimbursable funds in the field of renewable energy, intended for both SMEs, large enterprises, and newly established companies.

They facilitate investments in the development of “green” solutions for companies operating in Romania, for projects where each beneficiary can access up to 15 million euros in non-reimbursable funds or up to 30 million euros on the notified Scheme.

The submission session will take place between March 31 and April 30, 2022, so the projects must be rigorously prepared in advance, especially since there must be a Certificate of Urbanism when submitting the project and the proof of submission to the environmental protection agencies of the documentation on obtaining the Environmental Permit.

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