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Call For Big Data Startups in CEE: REACH Incubator Now Accepting Applications, With Over €1M in Grants Up For Grabs

Call For Big Data Startups in CEE: REACH Incubator Now Accepting Applications, With Over €1M in Grants Up For Grabs,
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Looking for access to resources, mentorship, networking opportunities, and support? Then the REACH Incubator might be the right place for your startup. The next gen data incubator has launched a call, with a fund of over €1M available for 35+ promising big data startups and SMEs that will take part in its third round of incubation.

Up to €120,000 in equity free funding, access to large corporations, DIHs and their Industrial data sets, as well as big data computing infrastructure and visibility are among the benefits that the programme provides. The selected startups can also use REACH big data analytics tools to make their development easier and accelerate their MVP.

The REACH programme takes these startups through four intense stages of technical and business growth over 11 months – and now there’s a call for the third and final incubation round of the project.

The four phases of the programme are: Explore, Experiment, Evolve, Expose. Each phase focuses on a different development stage and provides different funding, while the best solution per incubation round will also be awarded €20K.

Three ways of applying for the programme

There are three ways of applying and participating in REACH Incubator:

The THEME-DRIVEN track:  In collaboration with the leading European Digital Innovation Hubs, REACH has defined the cross-sectorial Data Value Chain (DVC) themes to be tackled by participants. DVC themes available in the third open call are Circular Economy; Manufacturing/Industry; Energy; Health; Digital Marketing, Agriculture & Retail; Tourism &  Entertainment and Manufacturing/Industry, Healthcare & Insurance.

The READY-MADE track: Applications will deal with challenges defined by the REACH Data Providers according to the needs detected in their market (JOT, Migros Ticaret A.Ş., Sonae, VRT, Play&go experience, Idea75, Almerys, YKT, Bizkaia, EDP, COFARES, AN GROUP and Bilbao Council).

The FREE CHOICE track: Applicants will devise novel DVCs by bringing their own data provider/s and/or their own datasets with those already facilitated within the REACH Data Catalogue. The applicant, a single SME, will apply together with their own Data Provider/s (at least one) proposing a joint challenge to be solved.

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Backing startups and solutions for solving real-life challenges

By participating in REACH Incubator, startups and SMEs can benefit from the partnerships, and collaborations made during the programme, while also focusing on their growth and international expansion.

So far, the REACH incubation programme has more than 60 big data startups in its portfolio.t is run by 10 core partners and 13 data providers who are enabling a fertile ground for startups and SMEs.

REACH is particularly interested in supporting secured and trusted data-fuelled solutions which utilize proprietary, often multi-stakeholder, industrial and personal data.

All of those that are interested to participate can learn more about the programme during the next Info Webinar which will be held on January 20, 2023, and can apply for the programme by February 21, 2023 at 5 PM CET.



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