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Bulgarian Healee Grabs $2M to Help Digital Health Innovators Bring Virtual Care Globally

Image credit: Healee's founders - Hristo Kosev (left) and Josif Dishliev (right)
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  • Healee, the Sofia-based startup that provides highly customizable digital health technology, announces its $2M seed round led by Nina Capital. 


  • The round is joined by Calm/Storm Ventures, the Austrian boutique venture capital firm that invests in solutions improving health and wellbeing, KAYA VC, the early-stage VC firm for CEE founders, as well as existing investor Eleven Ventures. 


  • The raised capital will be used to fund technology development and U.S. expansion with the goal to empower unique digital health models and accelerate telehealth adoption. 


The customizable digital health technology of Healee enables healthcare organizations to launch ready infrastructure for telehealth, digital check-in, and scheduling, configured to custom workflows and branding. 

In the past year, their niche solution has been recognized and adopted by more than a dozen clients in the US. Nearly 80% of all health systems in the US are still in the planning stages for digital transformation. To a large extent, this is due to the lack of proper tool fit to organizational workflows and lack of proper customization.

“Healee offers you an advanced, yet easy way to get started with digital health while building your brand and adapting your tool for better user engagement,” Hristo Kosev, CEO and founder of Healee, shares in a press release.

“Healee is prepared for the next disruption wave in virtual care, now driven by the growing need for hybrid or virtual-first care models. Healee has taken an enabling technology platform approach to become a leader in this wave, with the ability to support any distinct virtual care use case”, Marc Subirats, general partner at Nina Capital, comments on the investment. 

Supporting unique use cases in digital health

Healee is a health tech company that allows digital health innovators to implement virtual care models with technology adaptable to any use case. The configurability approach of Healee’s platform provides a fully-customized patient experience and enables all organizational workflows for telehealth, scheduling, and digital check-in. 

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Founded in 2018, by former Telerik co-founder – Hristo Kosev, and the medical software entrepreneur and former R&D Director of Netage Solutions Josif Dishliev, Healee is trusted by 5000 physicians, 200 clinics, and around 1M patients. The platform has so far facilitated 4M scheduled appointments and over 100K virtual visits.  

In the past year, Healee altered its business model, changing its focus from B2C to B2B to provide deep white label or configurable technology to digital health startup innovators and hospitals. The solution of Healee helps such startups that wish to provide some form of telehealth do so without the necessity of building their platform from scratch. 

In essence, startups can create a telehealth platform from the building blocks of Healee as the configurable technology provides them with ready infrastructure. This includes web apps, apps for marketplaces, apps for clients, and apps for patients that are all hosted on a dedicated server. 

Removing barriers to telehealth adoption

Current applications of Healee range from traditional healthcare, insurance, and pharma, to niche services in wellness, behavioral health, chronic and palliative care, COVID consultations, and many more.

The 20-people team of Healee will use the round specifically to expand its sales and marketing efforts in the US. According to them, there is significant international competition but Healee remains one of the most functional deep white label solutions for telehealth. 

The geography focus of the company will remain on English-speaking countries, with the US being the desired market, due to the privacy laws in their national health system. 

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