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Bulgarian euShipments Logistics Group Acquires Slovak Swiss Point Data to Bolster Its CEE Position

Three men in fron of packaging boxes, Matus Gerek, Michal Helcman, Ondrej Holik (from left to right)
Image credit: Matus Gerek, Michal Helcman, Ondrej Holik (from left to right)
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In a nutshell:

  • Slovak fulfillment operator Swiss Point Data is now the fourth company in Bulgarian’s logistics group, strengthening its position in Central Europe.
  • The investment is backed by private equity fund BlackPeak Capital, part of’s accelerated growth strategy.


In their own words:

“This strategic partnership with represents an important milestone in the development of our company. Swiss Point Data will expand its geographic reach and will be able to offer more diverse logistics solutions to our clients. This brings us significant opportunities for growth and innovation, which are an integral part of our strategy of enhanced international presence,” shared Ondřej Holík, CEO of Swiss Point Data.


Their background story:

Established in 2002, the company is a fulfillment provider in Slovakia for a range of businesses, from startup online stores to large international players. 

The new deal is’s fourth since the start of its partnership with private equity fund BlackPeak Capital. It is part of the strategy for accelerated growth through acquisitions, which allows the company to increase its logistics scope in key European markets. In 2023 acquired Croatia’s Pick&Pack and Romania’s Helpship.


Next steps:

Bratislava-based Swiss Point Data is expected to contribute to the group’s development with both its strategic location and experience in eCommerce fulfillment and logistics.

As part of the group, Swiss Point Data will be able to offer its clients the entire service portfolio of more than 50 of European courier companies and over 600 delivery methods.

Swiss Point Data will retain its current corporate structure with CEO Ondřej Holík. The recently appointed board of directors for the Slovak company will also comprise Matus Gerek, a seasoned team member and shareholder in the company, alongside Vichren Bisset, CCO of

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