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Budapest-based Parkl Secures €4M to Scale Digital Parking and EV Charging Solutions

Budapest-based Parkl Secures €4M to Scale Digital Parking and EV Charging Solutions,
Image credit: Parkl's COO at Az Év Irodája conference

In a nutshell

  • Budapest-based Parkl, a startup developing a mobile app for digital parking and EV charging services tailored for office buildings and companies, has raised €4M.
  • The round was led by Hungarian Lead Ventures. 
  • The startup will use the investment to support the scaling of its digital mobility service and team expansion.

Their background story

Parkl app, established in 2016 by Zsolt Somogyi, offers secure, cashless parking at hotels, apartments, and shopping centers. It also provides convenient street parking and helps users find the nearest electric vehicle charger.

Parkl provides 10K parking spaces across 40 office buildings and 700 charging stations. Moreover, the startup has collaborated with numerous companies such as Wolt, Mastercard, Microsoft, Wallis Motor, Central European Startup Awards, Restu, and Green Go.

Lead Ventures is a Budapest-based venture capital firm, focusing on Central Europe. Their preferred sectors include mobility, energy, sustainability, B2B services, and software. The  investment ticket size is ranging from €1M to €10M.

In their own words

“A constantly growing startup like Parkl is always open-minded. For a long time, we financed our operations through angel investors,” shared Zsolt Somogyi, managing director of Parkl, at the PropTech Hungary Conference.

“There is a lot of traction in the electric mobility and especially smart parking management market recently, so we have already received a lot of orders and projects, and will continue to receive them in the near future”, he added.

Investor’s perspective

“Both proptech and electromobility are experiencing a significant uplift recently, which in our view is going to last in the following decade. Parkl is a pioneer in digitalising these sectors by creating a unified platform to handle all relevant challenges, which companies face during their transition to electromobility. Having already proven their innovative technology in the local market, they are now poised for regional expansion. We joined them on their journey to bring the platform to multiple new markets and look forward to building a champion in the European electromobility ecosystem,” Kristóf Székely, Partner at Lead Ventures, shared for The Recursive.

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