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AI technology company Childish looking to expand to the US as it starts its Dare to Scale journey

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Childish is a software development company specializing in AI technology solutions and everything related to Python – data science, machine learning, computer vision, bioinformatics, and so on. The firm’s has developed its own product, Fabrico, a cloud-based analytical platform for preventive maintenance of industrial plants. Some other examples of Childish’ projects include an NLP module for а multinational pharmaceutical company and AI screening tool for a recruitment software.
One unique feature of Childish is that its business is designed as 50% owned by one of the most impactful NGOs in Bulgaria in recent years – Give a Book Foundation. Half of the profits of the company support the initiative Give Time, oriented at connecting children deprived of parental care with mentors friends so the former can reach their full potential.
Back in june, it was announced that Childish is joining Dare to Scale – the growth accelerator program of Endeavor Bulgaria that assists promising local entrepreneurs in expanding internationally.
Watch the video to learn more about Childish’ growth plans and the expectations of CEO Blagovesta Pugyova for the Dare to Scale program.
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