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AI as a Growth Catalyst: Czech Cosmic Latte’s LGBTQ+ Dating Apps With 25M+ Downloads

Milan Kovačič_CEO Cosmic Latte
Image credit: Milan Kovačič, CEO Cosmic Latte

Do you know the color of the Universe? In a 2002 study, astronomers found that the light coming from galaxies when averaged, would produce an ivory color (very close to white). They named this color “cosmic latte”.

In embracing this concept, Milan Kovačič, CEO of a Czech tech company developing dating apps for the LGBTQ+ community, emphasized the symbolism of diversity and connection when picking the name. As he shared previously for The Recursive, calling their app portfolio “Cosmic latte” mirrors their “mission to foster inclusivity and connection among underrepresented groups”.  


Embracing Diversity and Connectivity

Through technology, the company aims to create spaces where everyone feels seen, valued, and empowered to forge meaningful connections. Its portfolio, consisting of the Zoe dating app for lesbians and Surge for gay men, reached a major milestone in June last year, when it was downloaded over half a million times, for a total of over 25M downloads and 27M users, according to their data. 

While the global market for dating apps grew by 6% last year (forecasted to remain at this growth rate), slowing down considerably after the COVID-19 pandemic, LGBTQ+ dating apps from Cosmic Latte marked a record year. Cosmic Latte had shown a 21% growth in 2023, with a $3M turnover. It is a bootstrapped company, founded in 2015, funded by Czech development studio STRV. They have developed the mobile app The Pump for Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Apple TV app for Tinder, and more.


Harnessing AI Functionalities

Milan Kovačič is an advocate for queer leadership in the Slovakian and Czech business community, and an AI enthusiast. He attributes the above-average growth to Cosmic Latte’s emphasis on artificial intelligence.

“It allows us to maintain a smaller, more efficient team while improving the product and optimizing revenue,” he explained.

AI is on the rise in the dating world. Algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data to understand users’ preferences, interests and behaviors, which opens the door to more refined matchmaking. Match Group, operating Tinder, Hinge, Match, OkCupid, shared that their main focus in leveraging AI is improving the end-to-end dating experience, including user engagement, personalization and safety.

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Cosmic Latte has experimented with using AI for both apps in its portfolio, resulting in new features, increased revenue, and improved functionality. 

“Our industry is extremely competitive, especially the gay dating segment. So, it’s crucial to differentiate ourselves as much as possible and offer better dating options. We’ll be adding new features to make Surge as visual as possible, like the option to have moving profile photos. With Zoe, we are trying to strengthen the social aspect of the app, to create a community that will stay with the app even after successfully finding a partner,” clarifies Kovačič.

Navigating the Next Steps

Beyond user-centric enhancements, Cosmic Latte’s AI initiatives extend to operational optimization, including automated profile verification, streamlined marketing campaigns, and content moderation. 

At the core of Cosmic Latte’s AI-driven growth strategy is the development of dynamic pricing and rating systems, which aims to enhance the user experience by offering personalized recommendations and subscription costs tailored to individual preferences. A key objective is to reduce prices for students and individuals in developing countries.

“In the future, we’re looking to further automate customer success through chatbots, for example. Security and spammer detection are a major focus, and we plan to utilize AI even more in this area,” he adds.

Looking ahead, Milan mentioned also exploring augmented reality like Vision Pro and further AI advancements, including a one-button solution to help users find their ideal partners.

As Cosmic Latte continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, the company remains committed to fostering LGBTQ+ representation and empowerment within the tech industry. 

“I would strongly emphasize that diversity is an advantage, not a handicap. We are all different, and it’s crucial to capitalize on those differences. Thanks to my LGBTQ experience in Eastern Europe, I developed a unique perspective on reality. I believe everyone from a minority has this advantage – it’s important to use it to your benefit,” shared Milan exclusively for The Recursive.


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