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After €10M from EIC Dronamics Is Preparing Its Commercial Launch in Greece

Svilen Rangelov, co-founder and CEO of Dronamics, EIC Summit Brussels 2024
Image credit: Svilen Rangelov, co-founder and CEO of Dronamics, EIC Summit Brussels 2024

Last week, Bulgarian cargo airline Dronamics secured a substantial €10M investment from the European Innovation Council, following a previous grant of €2.5M, received in February. Moreover, Svilen Rangelov, the co-founder and CEO, has been appointed as an EIC Ambassador. 

The company is a pioneer in cargo drone airlines worldwide and a leading developer and operator of large-range drones designed specifically for cargo transportation. With a rapidly growing team including some of the world’s top aerospace and logistics experts, Dronamics is the first licensed cargo drone airline in Europe.

Let’s follow some of their latest milestones!


Development of Black Swan Cargo Drone

Dronamics pioneered the development of the Black Swan, the world’s first cargo drone airline. The flagship drone is designed to carry 350 kg of cargo over long distances, up to 2,500 km, boasting significant improvements in speed, cost-effectiveness, and emissions reduction compared to traditional airfreight. This capability opens up opportunities for same-day long-distance deliveries across various industries, spanning from pharmaceuticals to food, e-commerce, and spare parts.


Commercialization in Greece

The first market for commercial operations of Dronamics is Greece. The country has more than 300 inhabited islands, where an efficient and more environmentally friendly solution for air cargo transportation could benefit the local businesses and communities. One of the primary objectives is to establish connections between northern Greece, Athens, and the islands.


Member of EU Future Mobility Taskforce

Dronamics is a founding member of the EU Future Mobility Taskforce, a key initiative to advise the EU’s leadership in global transport innovation. 

Dronamics partners with 17 private mobility companies across Europe, including both unicorns and startups. The primary goal of the Taskforce is to tackle the significant challenges within the mobility industry.

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