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A Czech-founded Startup Secures $2.1M Pre-Seed to Revolutionize Health Insurance Costs

Barbora P Howell and Bobby Bayer, Founders of TrueClaim
Image credit: Barbora P Howell and Bobby Bayer, Founders of TrueClaim
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In a nutshell

  • Czech-founded TrueClaim, a startup that aims to reduce health insurance costs, secured $2.1M in its opening round. 
  • Regional and international investors including Czech Kaya VC, Y Combinator, Rebel Fund, Surge Point Capital, Orange Collective, Liquidity, and Explorer Fund participated


Get the details

TrueClaim, founded by Bobby Bayer and Barbora P Howell, is an AI-driven platform designed for HR and benefits executives in self-insured companies. It offers continuous insights round the clock, aiming to lead to reduction in healthcare expenses while also enhancing employee contentment.

With Czech roots Barbora, graduated with an MBA from Stanford, has a background in HR, Benefits, and Customer Billing, while her American co-founder Bobby spent 7 years as a Senior Software Engineer building and scaling healthcare technology solutions at pMD. 

TrueClaim reviews healthcare invoices to detect billing errors, pharmacy and care savings opportunities. According to the company, TrueClaim has identified potential savings opportunities averaging 10.96% within the $20.2M worth of medical claims it has reviewed since January.

The startup was part of Y Combinator in the Winter 2024 Batch, with the idea to automate healthcare cost containment and save 1.5% of GDP.


In their own words

“Our software uses newly available healthcare data to save self-insured companies 7% in healthcare costs. It may not seem like a lot, but given that health insurance can cost thousands of dollars a year, this savings can be significant for a small business or startup,” commented the team. 

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