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8 Family Offices You Should Know in CEE

Atanas Simeonov, CEO Ocean Investments
Image credit: Atanas Simeonov, CEO Ocean Investments
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Family Offices, these discreet powerhouses of wealth management, have emerged as integral players in the financial landscape. Managing the wealth of Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals, nowadays they serve as indispensable pillars in the dynamic landscape of tech startups, offering patient capital and strategic guidance.

According to a survey conducted by Sifted, family offices are the biggest backers of European VC, with 94% of the survey’s respondents having them as LPs.

Mostly working from the shadows, these entities bring more than just capital for startups – they provide a holistic and long-term approach, leveraging their extensive networks and industry knowledge. And as an individual with a net worth of over $30M, for sure that’s not little.

To shed some light on who you should go to, apart from VCs and business angels, and pitch your business, we put together this list. Be aware though that most of the family offices invest across industries and may not know enough about tech startups – make sure to sharpen your pitch.

Do you know a Family Office that is not mentioned here? Reach out to us at [email protected].

🇭🇷 Hellen’s Rock

Founded by the strategist entrepreneur, Sacha Dragic, Hellen’s Rock is an investment management firm backing technology-driven businesses in media & entertainment, health & wellbeing, fintech & web3. Startups like Licenseware and Bright Spaces from Romania, Rolla from Bosnia and Herzegovina or The Recursive are in their portfolio.

🇨🇿 Zaka.VC

Founded by two serial entrepreneurs, Jan Kasper and Peter Zálešák, this family office invests in pre-seed and seed startups across Europe. Startups like Tripmakery from Austria, EasySales from Romania, but also the Startup Wise Guys accelerator are in their portfolio.

🇬🇷 LATSCO Family Office

Owned by the Greek Latsis family, this firm provides strategic investments in the shipping, energy, infrastructure, real estate, and fintech sectors. While it is headquartered in Switzerland, this family office invests in CEE startups, with a focus on Greece.

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🇧🇬 Ocean Investments

With a focus on early-stage technology innovators in Europe, the USA, Africa, and Asia, this vehicle invests in cybersecurity, health tech, real estate, and foodtech. Ocean Investments was founded by Atanas Simeonov, a serial entrepreneur also known from S Group International or Endeavor Bulgaria’s advisory board.

🇷🇴 OPES Family Office

Specialized in wealth management, this Multi-Family Office firm is the gate opener to many Romanian high-net-worth individuals. Advising on industries such as real estate or art & luxury, OPES is also intermediating investments in private equity and early-stage startups.

🇷🇴 TVP Family Office

Owned by the Romanian entrepreneur Octavian Patrascu and his family, this single-family office actively participates in data-driven investments in Real Estate, Tech startups, and Green Energy. In their portfolio are startups like Aggero from the UK, and Beez from Romania, but also other investments made through Sparking Capital.

🇨🇿 Consillium Family Office

Under the ownership of Czech entrepreneur Tomas Nemec, Consillium operates as a global wealth management firm that provides support to entrepreneurs worldwide, including the CEE region. The fund is overseen by Tomas Klapste and Ladislav Sekerka, both with substantial expertise in the field of Financials.

🇨🇿 Family Office Partners

Based in the Czech Republic, but working globally, this investment management firm is an important partner for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI). As a Multi-Family Office, they advise and supervise investments in different asset classes, including in startups.

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