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Bosnian fitness startup Rolla secures €1.6M in a big funding round for the Western Balkans

Bosnian fitness startup Rolla secured a €1.6M investment in a Series A funding round
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Bosnian fitness startup Rolla secured a €1.6M investment in a Series A funding round led by Hellen’s Rock Capital, a private family office, and an angel investor from Serbia.

Founded in 2019 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the fitness and health platform helps users track, compete and have fun while working out in virtual reality. They can do this while they are in their homes, and the app also encourages its users to form healthy habits and continue with these activities whenever they can.

One of the main goals for Rolla is to also motivate students across Bosnia and Herzegovina to regularly jog or run indoors with the help of the app.

The platform consists of two apps: the Rolla One mobile app tracks all fitness metrics and physical activity, while the Rolla World desktop app allows users to run and ride a bike in the virtual world.

According to Igor Krezić, Rolla’s founder and director of Rolla, the primary mission of the platform is to change and improve health by using technology.

“While using virtual worlds and gamification for exercise is a new approach, it is not a substitute for regular outdoor activities. Rolla seamlessly enables the transition between indoor and outdoor activities and provides you with a comprehensive overview of progress,” Krezić said in a press release.

According to the company, a socially gamified fitness platform is adaptable to change, and it can also ensure that people stay healthy and fit. With the further development of the platform with new features and functionalities such as advanced fitness metrics, gamification, and training, for as many operating systems as possible, Rolla also plans to expand its team and optimize the platform.

Rolla’s team currently consists of 20 employees with years of experience in software development, but expect that number will double during the next year.

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