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$4M investment for Serbian entrepreneur Vladimir Vukicevic’s wellness innovation company Better & Better

Wellness innovation company Better & Better announced that it raised $4M in a latest funding round.
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Wellness innovation company Better & Better announced that it raised $4M in a latest funding round led by Florida-based Fifth Quarter Ventures, and also supported by Will Smith and Keisuke Honda’s Dreamer’s Fund, Azure Capital, and Alpaca Ventures, among other investors. 

Founded in 2019, the company’s management includes Serbian entrepreneur Vladimir Vukicevic, who is also its co-founder. Better & Better products include natural and vegan toothpaste with organic ingredients and sustainable packaging, as well as a plethora of other vitamin-infused and sustainable oral health care products, such as plastic-free natural floss and bamboo toothbrushes.

The global oral hygiene market is already worth more than $50 billion, and it is expected to exceed $70 billion by 2031. To be better positioned on the market, Better & Better plans for its latest investment includes accelerating the company’s expansion and retail growth.

“The most recent capital injection will accelerate the expansion of Better & Better’s science-backed and vitamin-infused oral health care product lineup. Looking further ahead, we plan to expand beyond our existing better-for-your-health, oral care products and launch new ways for consumers to digest and absorb micronutrients without taking a pill,” the company’s CEO and co-founder Vladimir Vukicevic tells The Recursive.

The Serbian entrepreneur’s previous experience includes co-founding RocketHub, a crowdfunding platform that helps entrepreneurs and scientists raise capital and more recently, Meural – a platform that combines software and hardware to make art universally accessible – acquired by NETGEAR in 2018, where he was also the CEO.

Supporting Serbian entrepreneurship 

While the company’s focus now is how to expand on the US market, Vukicevic says that a broader international expansion is on the cards as well.

“We are currently focused on growth within the US market and this recent round of funding will facilitate that further, but we do hope to expand internationally in the future, including the Balkans. We believe that Better & Better is building a system for better health for everyone, with the goal of being a worldwide brand,” Vukicevic tells The Recursive.

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For Fifth Quarter Ventures, supporting Better & Better also means supporting Serbian entrepreneurship around the world. 

“Better & Better, co-founded by Vladimir Vukicevic, a Serbian-American, is the leader in science-backed and vitamin-infused products. We look forward to growing with Better & Better and building the future of personal health worldwide,” said Tihomir Bajic, partner at Fifth Quarter Ventures, a VC fund also focused on companies representing Western Balkans entrepreneurship. 

For the Dreamer’s Fund, investing in the company also means putting focus on social good and making better and more sustainable habits for everyone. 

“We look forward to continuing to work closely as Better & Better evolves and introduces new products, while forging a new path for wellness,” the Dreamer’s Fund concluded.


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