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Get To Know 20+ Marketplaces Accelerating in Southeast Europe

Marketplaces tech startups
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Now that we found out the secrets to launching a marketplace in Southeast Europe, it’s time to look at the startups and founders working to develop theirs in different verticals. From Romania to Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, and Serbia, we have rounded up solutions in verticals like health, beauty, sustainability, mobility, and HR, to name a few.

Marketplaces are more than an exchange of goods these days. They bridge people with services, but also mentors or users with similar interests. Amongst the solutions, discover platforms that connect patients with medical staff, mothers with classes to change their careers, and people with disabilities with the right part-time or full-time job.

If there are new names or updates you would like to share about the beginning of mapping of the SEE marketplaces, feel free to contact me at [email protected] 

Marketplaces tech startups

Emerging marketplaces in SEE

Beauty Marketplaces


Name: Mero

Country: Romania

Founders: Dragos Sebestin, Catalin Lupu, Andreea Trif, Elena Filip, Adrian Trif

Solution: Mero proposes an online platform for booking hair and beauty professionals.

Launch/funding: 2017/€500K


Name: Stailer

Country: Romania

Founder: Andrei Ursachi

Solution: Stailer offers a platform for booking beauty specialists from different saloons in the country.

Launch/funding: 2020/€2M


Name: Glow2Go

Country: Romania

Founders: Raluca Elena Enache, Daniela Padurariu

Solution: Glow2Go offers a platform for connecting beauty experts with potential clients and delivering services at their houses.

Launch/funding: 2020/€190K


EdTech Marketplaces

Name: CourseDot
Country: Bulgaria
Founder: Theodor Panayotov
Solution: CourseDot offers an online marketplace for IT training courses.
Launch/funding: 2015/€1.4M


Name: She is Mom

Country: Romania

Founders: Andreea Radu, Andreea Iacob, Daniela Enache, Nicoleta Neacsu, Alexandra Badea

Solution: She is MOM is building a platform for women that want to upgrade their skills or find mentors, and change careers.

Launch/funding: 2019/€100K


Circular Economy Marketplaces


Name: Spotawheel

Country: Greece

Founders: Charis Arvanitis, Kiriakos Agadakos

Solution: Spotawheel is a tech-driven platform that connects customers with the second car of their dreams.

Launch/funding: 2016/€120M


Name: Flip

Country: Romania

Founders: Alin Luca, Alex Burghelia, George Moroianu

Solution: Flip offers a circular economy platform for pre-owned phones.

Launch/funding: 2019/€8M


Name: NOLD 

Country: Bulgaria

Founders: Boryana Uzunova, Ana Kremenlieva

Solution: NOLD offers a P2P platform for pre-owned fashion items where users can sell and buy what no longer brings joy to their life.

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Launch/funding: 2020/€100K


Name: Addit Tech

Country: Bulgaria

Founders: Strahil Radovski, Ani Bachvarova, Assen Assenov, Ivaylo Petkov

Solution: Addit Tech is a platform where you can rent gadgets to test them out before you buy them, or you can also give them back and rent another one.

Launch/funding: 2020/€600K


Name: INKI

Country: Romania

Founder: Liviu Hulută

Solution: INKI proposes a device-on-demand service for companies that need to rent laptops or phones and other gadgets based on a monthly subscription.

Launch/funding: 2021/€200K


Name: Toboro

Country: Romania

Founders: Cosmin Cristea, Ana Chivu, Adina Teleuca   

Solution: Toboro is developing a platform for renting or borrowing items like bicycles, dehydrators, or tents, for example, from somebody nearby to improve the sharing economy.

Launch/funding: 2021/€10K


Country: Bulgaria
Founders: Stefka Stojanow 
Solution: “Little Treasures” is a P2P circular economy platform for pre-loved children’s products. Parents can create a profile to upload items they want to sell, like clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, gadgets, toys, and books.
Launch/funding: 2022/Bootstrapping


Tech providers Marketplaces


Name: Softlead

Country: Romania

Founders: Alexandra Roata, Andrei Dumitrascu

Solution: Softlead is an IT marketplace targeting companies looking to compare, review, and choose the best software product for their business.

Launch/funding: 2013/€200K


Name: FlexCar
Country: Greece
Founders: George Desyllas, Konstantinos Davaris
Solution: FlexCar offers a platform that facilitates international automotive leasing.
Launch/funding: 2018/€290M


Name: ProfiCircle

Country: Romania

Founders: Cristian Gusa, Eduard Daniliuc

Solution: ProfiCircle is a B2B SaaS market network for people looking to buy storage and retail equipment.

Launch/funding: 2019/N/A


Marketing Marketplaces


Name: FameUP

Country: Romania

Founder: Ionut Patrascoiu

Solution: FameUP is an agency offering a platform with a network of influencers that brands can collaborate with for marketing purposes.

Launch/funding: 2020/€2.5M


Name: 2value

Country: Romania

Founder: Mihaela Raluca Tudor

Solution: 2value offers a platform and a mobile app to connect companies with journalists and get their stories across different media channels.

Launch/funding: 2021/€180K


Sustainability Solutions Marketplaces


Name: Charger

Country: Romania

Founders: Iulia Dorobantu, Cristian Danciu, Adrian Tutuianu, Aurel Basuc

Solution: Charger offers a sustainable mobility marketplace to buy technological equipment, like charging stations for cars or bikes.

Launch/funding: 2021/€30K



Country: Romania

Founders: Andrei Ilas, Florin Grosu

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Solution: NGRI AI offers a B2B energy marketplace powered by AI to get the best contracts for electrical consumption.

Launch/funding: 2021/€120K


Name: Bonapp.Eco
Country: Romania
Founder: Gregoire Vigroux
Solution: is an online platform and mobile app connecting retailers selling goods close to the expiration date with interested users.
Launch/funding: 2021/€800K


Health Marketplaces


Name: FindMeCure

Country: Bulgaria

Founders: Ivaylo Yosifov, Maya Zlatanova, Miroslav Valchev

Solution: FindMeCure aims to bring medical research closer to patients by offering a platform that connects patients with treatments or clinical trials.

Launch/funding: 2015/€400K


Name: Healee

Country: Bulgaria

Founders: Hristo Kosev, Josif Dishliev

Solution: Healee offers a digital platform connecting health professionals with users.

Launch/funding: 2016/€870K


Name: SanoPass

Country: Romania

Founders: Andrei Vasile, Delia Iliasa

Solution: SanoPass is a platform aiming to digitize preventive medicine by promoting different packages that B2B clients can choose from.

Launch/funding: 2018/€1.2M


Name: Beesers

Country: Romania

Founder: Ovidiu Tuduruta

Solution: Beesers offers a mobile app to connect patients with medical specialists that can do home visits.

Launch/funding: 2021/€500K


Marketplaces for Professionals


Name: Sibus
Country: Romania
Founder: Patrick Nordstjærne (Danish founder but local company and team) 
Solution: Sibus offers an online marketplace that connects clients with accountants, auditors, and lawyers.
Launch/funding: 2014/€80K


Name: Vesselbot

Country: Greece

Founders: Athanasia Panagiotopoulou, Constantine Komodromos

Solution: Vesselbot offers a digital solution, amongst others, called VesselBot Marketplace to aid charter management – find collaborators, negotiate price, and conclude transactions.

Launch/funding: 2015/N/A


Name: Expert24

Country: Romania

Founder: Adrian Daniel

Solution: Expert24 is a demand-driven services marketplace connecting specialists with users from industries like events, health, and beauty, to name a few.

Launch/funding: 2019/€50K


Name: Helperz 

Country: Romania

Founders: Ovidiu Stegari, Laura Bulai

Solution: Helperz is a service platform that connects people with the right sitters, be it for children, older people, or even pets.

Launch/funding: 2019/€100K


Name: MOMSI 

Country: Romania

Founder: Ionut Turlea

Solution: MOMSI is a social app and marketplace for mothers that want to meet with similar women for play dates or find out about the right products and services.

Launch/funding: 2019/N/A


HRTech Marketplaces


Name: DEV.BG

Country: Bulgaria

Founder: Ivaylo Hristov

Solution: DEV.BG offers an HR marketplace that connects companies, jobs, and the perfect employees in Bulgaria.

Launch/funding: 2016/€250K

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Name: Upshift

Country: North Macedonia

Founders: Steve Anevski, Alex Pantich, Nick Jordanovski

Solution: Upshift is a mobile-based HR marketplace to match temporary workers with open positions.

Launch/funding: 2016/€3.6M


Name: Brand SolutionBest Online Assistant

Country: North Macedonia

Founder: Elizabeta Jovanovska

Solution: Best Online Assistant is a digital platform that offers education for digital skills and a job board for people with disabilities.

Launch/funding: 2017/N/A



Country: Bulgaria

Founders: Joana Koleva

Solution: Jamba offers a platform for people with disabilities that want to grow their skills, and then connects them with potential employers.

Launch/funding: 2017/N/A


Name: Joberty

Country: Serbia

Founder: Nikola Mijailovic,

Solution: Joberty is a workplace community for developers that also offers a job marketplace to connect companies with their future team members.

Launch/funding: 2019/€350K


Name: Recrooit
Country: Serbia
Founder: Nevena Sofranic
Solution: Recrooit is a crowdsource-based recruitment platform that helps companies hire through community referrals.
Launch/funding: 2021/bootstrapped


PropTech Marketplaces


Name: Blueground

Country: Greece

Founders: Alexandros Chatzieleftheriou, Alexis Maragkos, Andreas Nezeritis, Aneesa Arshad, Kurtulus Korkmaz, Penny Papakonstantinou

Solution: Blueground is a platform that connects users with short-term or long-term pre-furnished rental apartments worldwide.

Launch/funding: 2013/€240M


Name: Milluu

Country: Romania

Founders: Florin Stoian

Solution: Milluu offers an online platform that connects real estate brokers with people searching to rent apartments.

Launch/funding: 2017/€1M


Name: Gaida

Country: Bulgaria

Founders: Galia Jordanova

Solution: Gaida AI is a platform that connects users with real estate leads from inquiry to deal.

Launch/funding: 2018/N/A


Name: Protio

Country: Greece

Founder: Antonios Fiorakis

Solution: Protio offers a platform to sell or invest in apartments.

Launch/funding: 2021/€2M

Retail Marketplace


Country: Bulgaria
Founder: Ivan Alexandrov
Solution: eBag offers a digital supermarket where users can browse and get products delivered right at their door.
Launch/funding: 2014/€700K

Name: PopMarket
Country: Greece
Founders: Nick Telecki, Takis Malavetas
Solution: PopMarket offers an online delivery platform for users looking to stock up on groceries with the goal of limiting food waste.
Launch/funding: 2021/€3.4M


The startups are listed based on the year of their launch.

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