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15 Early-Stage Greek Startups to Keep an Eye on in 2023

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We continue our series dedicated to mapping early-stage startups with Greece, a flourishing innovation ecosystem in Southeast Europe. Greece is renowned for its deep tech, fintech, agritech, and health tech verticals, as well as strategic location, strong legacy in science and technology, and rapidly improving infrastructure. So we are not surprised to see early seeds in AI and transportation, as well as proptech and the circular economy.

In this article, we will explore a selection of Greek early-stage ventures, many of which have already caught the eye of local investors or partners, indicating growth potential.

They have been supported by local venture capital firms like Metavallon, Marathon VC, Velocity.Partners, and Venture Friends, angel networks such as Hellenic Business Angels Network or global accelerator funds such as Startup Wise Guys.

The following list is presented in alphabetical order.

15 Early-stage Greek startups


Stage: Pre-seed

Funding: €383,000

Investors: Startup Wise Guys

Vertical: agritech, food tech

Founders: Vlasis Tsezos

About: Agritrack offers a process automation platform that helps track quality from farm to fork, and thus improve quality control and traceability.



Stage: Seed

Funding: €1.7 million

Investors: Metavallon VC, Eleven Ventures

Vertical: medtech

Founders: Dr. ‪George Papadakis, Prof. Electra Gizeli, Dr. Alexandros Pantazis, Nikolaos Fikas, Sergios Katsaros

About: BIOPIX-T designs and manufactures molecular diagnostic devices for the point of care, such as instruments and standardized assays for the detection and monitoring of infectious diseases.



Stage: Grant

Funding: ~€55,400

Investors: European regional development fund (ERDF), Hellenic Republic

Vertical: enterprise software, AI

Founders: Vasilis Danias, Sergio Pereira

About: Bitloops is a developer platform that allows software engineers to build high quality backend systems faster than traditional coding, using AI and automation.

Stage: Pre-seed

Funding: €250,000

Investors: SeedBlink

Vertical: travel tech, booking software

Founders: Jerome Bajou, Luca Lattanzio

About: offers booking solutions to providers of tours and activities.

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Stage: funded by startup programs

Funding: N/A

Investors: N/A

Vertical: alternative materials, upcycling

Founders: Dr.-Ing Alexis Pantziaros, Marios Vlachogiannis 

About: Aiming to reduce waste and plastic pollution, Coffe-eco uses coffee grounds as a base for skincare products, as well as biodegradable bioplastics.



Stage: Pre-seed

Funding: $100,000

Investors: Hellenic Business Angels Network

Vertical: e-Commerce

Founders: Michaela Plaka

About: Cordella is an online wedding fit registry aiming to offer a seamless gift selection experience.



Stage: Seed

Funding: undisclosed

Investors: N/A

Vertical: transportation, automated mobility

Founders: Evangelos Mitsakis

About: Deeptraffic is a spin-off company of CERTH-HIT, developing solutions and technologies that enable traffic management as a service, targeting connected and automated vehicles.



Stage: Pre-seed

Funding: €1 million

Investors: Velocity.Partners (lead), TECS Capital, Everypay

Vertical: fintech – BNPL

Founders: Antonis Prentzas, Marios Noutsos

About: Finloup is a buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) startup on a mission to bring more affordable credit options to consumers.



Stage: Pre-seed

Funding: $810,000

Investors: Velocity.Partners

Vertical: SaaS, proptech

Founders: Alexander Caravitis, Petros Ziogas

About: Hosthub offers a SaaS solution through which vacation rental home owners can list their property on multiple channels, avoiding double bookings.



Stage: Seed

Funding: $2 million

Investors: Metavallon VC

Vertical: medtech

Founders: Georgios Drakakis, Charalampos Chomenidis

About: Purposeful uses advanced computational workflow that combines AI, data analytics, and smart filtering to discover alternative effects for existing drugs.



Stage: Seed

Funding: €1 million

Investors: VentureFriends

Vertical: Fintech

Founders: Rania Lamprou, Alexandros Kyriakopoulos 

About: Simpler aims to offer retailers a simple solution for checkout – a single online shopping passport through which customers can make purchases with just one click.



Stage: Seed

Funding: €1 million

Investors: Acasia Angels, Zeno capital

Vertical: e-commerce, circular fashion

Founders: Sherif Barakat, Helena Stamou, Jimmy Nicolaides

About: Swaplanet is a circular fashion platform where parents can exchange children’s clothes to save money and resources. 

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Stage: Pre-seed

Funding: €624,000

Investors: Metavallon VC

Vertical: healthcare

Founders: Afroditi Konidari, Rui Zhang

About: Tendertech is building AI-enabled technologies for home care, such as Hestia, an integrated machine learning platform that helps caretakers by monitoring deterioration and helping put preventative measures in place.


Velos Rotors

Stage: Seed

Funding: $2 million

Investors: Marathon Venture Capital

Vertical: logistics, transportation

Founders: Aris Kolokythas

About: The company develops unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to fulfill new possibilities for critical missions with valuable payloads. They have developed a helicopter with a patented twin-engine design that can carry a 13 lb payload for 60 minutes at a 35 MPH cruise speed.



Stage: Pre-seed

Funding: $350,000

Investors: EIT Urban Mobility

Vertical: robotics, AI

Founders: Michael Striligás

About: VERTLINER creates advanced technology solutions for indoor assessments, such as an integrated robotic platform using autonomous aerial robots and AI software.


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