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10 Family Offices From CEE You Should Know Of

10 Family Offices From CEE You Should Know Of,
Image credit: Mateusz Bodio, Founder RKKVC
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Family Offices are now key players in finance. Managing Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals‘ assets, they are crucial in the tech startup scene, offering patient capital and strategic guidance.

Sifted’s survey shows family offices are the top backers of European venture capital, with 94% of respondents having them as LPs.

To shed some light on who you should go to, as a startup or VC fund, we put together a second list, continuing the one we shared back in January

Do you know a Family Office that is not mentioned here? Reach out to us at [email protected].

🇲🇹 Apeiron Investment Group

As the family office and private investment firm of the German entrepreneur and investor Christian Angermayer, Apeiron is based in Malta and has more than $2.5b under management. The vehicle invests directly in startups  focusing on Life Sciences, FinTech & Crypto, Future Tech, Natural Resources & Energy, and Experiences, Hospitality & Happiness.

🇬🇷 Antenna Digital Ventures

Owning major media organizations across Greece and Central Eastern Europe, this Greek Family Office has a strong track record as both investors and operators.They are constantly looking for outstanding companies with a proven track record of customer success in the UK, US, or Western Europe. The main group is an early investor in Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

🇨🇿 Bakala Capital

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, and Prague, Czech Republic, Bakala Capital manages the investment portfolio for the Czech-American investor and philanthropist Zdenek Bakala. It consists of public and private investments spanning all institutional asset classes including global equities, credit, hedged strategies, buyouts, venture capital, real assets, and distressed.

🇨🇿 BPD partners

Founded in 2008 by Czech entrepreneurs Petr Pudil, Vasil Bobela and Jan Dobrovský, BPD Partners’​ investments are primarily focused on renewable energy, real estate, chemical industry, research and development in the fields of health, biotechnology and agriculture.

🇨🇿 Borovicka Capital

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Borovicka Capital is an Czech investment company with a strategic focus on venture capital investments in the Central European region.The vehicle is managed by Lukáš Borovička, Jakub Borovička, and Martin Borovička and invests directly in promising startups. 

🇵🇱 Firlej Kastory FO 

Based in Warsaw, Firlej Kastory is a family office focused on direct and indirect investments in private technology companies globally. They invest in the wider technology ecosystem ranging from emerging and established fund managers to growth stage and pre-IPO tech companies globally. 

🇨🇿 R2G Family Office

Established in August 2016 in Prague, R2G is the family office and wealth manager of industrialist Oldřich Šlemr. R2G’s activities are organized in two pillars: Direct Investments and R2G Wealth. Direct investments are executed through R2G Club, an investment platform with access to in excess of EUR 1 billion of readily available funds. 


Founded and managed by Mateusz Bodio, RKKVC is part of a single-family office. The fund is based in Warsaw, Poland, but invests directly in startups throughout Europe and the United States. Their main focus is on software companies, mainly deep tech and B2B SaaS, being  open to breakthrough companies from other areas.

🇨🇿 SPM Invest

SPM is a Czech investment group that looks for interesting opportunities especially for long-term investments. It has been operating in its institutional form since 2016 and is built on the achievements of its two founders, Slavomír Pavlíček and Marek Španěl.

🇨🇿 Triple Impact Ventures 

Triple Impact Ventures (TIV) is the Vienna-based investment vehicle of Markus Linder, a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Zoovu (raised €200M in private capital, partially exited in 2022) and inoqo. The fund invests directly in impact-driven founders tackling the climate, biodiversity & pollution crises at the early-stages.

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