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10+ EdTechs for People Who Are #NeverNotLearning

10+ EdTechs for People Who Are #NeverNotLearning,
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Whether you are a parent wanting to broaden your parenting knowledge, or an IT career beginner looking for mentorship and skill improvement, or maybe you are an employer aiming to scale your employee onboarding quick and easy, The Recursive invites you to celebrate the beginning of the school year together. There is no better time to start learning than now. The edtech tools, projects, and founders we are introducing in this mapping, however, gladly prove to us that learning is an unseasonal matter, so let’s see what they have to offer.


Name: PeopleCert (2000)

Founders: Byron Nicolaides 

Country: Greece

Focus: Corporate Training , Certification

Total funding: N/A 

Greece’s first unicorn company (1.2B market valuation) that is offering assessment and certification services platform for corporate clients around the world. PeopleCert provides facilitation of professional ICT skills assessment and certification to corporate employees, students and job seekers for advancing their careers.


Name: Brainster (2015)

Founders: Petar NinovskiNina Nikolich 

Country: North Macedonia

Focus: IT Career Development

Total funding: N/A

Brainster is an accredited higher education institution and edtech company that helps with in-demand technical skills in fields like coding, digital marketing, data science, and others. The company has recently launched North Macedonia’s first IT college Brainster Next with an investment of €2.5M.


Name: Code of Talent (2017)

Founders: Vlad Grigoriu, Adela Grigoriu, Bogdan Ciubotaru, Marius Opris

Country: Romania

Focus: IT and Digital Training

Total funding: around $2.4M (source:

Code of Talent is a multi-lingual micro-learning platform focused on gamifying education of users by providing them small learning modules on areas like soft and technical skills, onboarding processes, health and safety and others. Last year the company closed Series A round of funding with €1.7M with an intention to expand internationally.


Name: Voca Academy (2018)

Founders: Elitsa Kostova

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Country: Bulgaria

Focus: Career and Personal Development

Investment: around €40K (private)

Yet another startup on our edtech tools list, Voca Academy is a platform that helps young professionals with career and personal development, as well as provides gamified training to its corporate clients. 


Name: Parentool (2019)

Founders: Petruta Tuliga 

Country: Romania

Focus: E-learning

Investment: around €5K (bootstrapping)

Parentool is an e-learning mobile application for parents that connects mothers and fathers with specialists and helps them get educated on child development. 


Name: She is Mom (2019)

Founders: Alexandra Badea 

Country: Romania

Focus: Career and Personal Development, Mentorship 

Investment: around €100K (bootstrapping)

A Bucharest-based platform for women that helps mothers connect with mentors. The community helps them work on topics like switching careers, launching new ventures, learning new skills, etc. 


Name: Colltrain (2020)

Founders: Alexandru Cojocaru and Marian Știrbescu

Country: Romania

Focus: Corporate Training, Team Learning

Investment: N/A

Colltrain is a collaborating training platform that provides predefined or customized virtual space where participants can engage in team learning. Colltrain works with training companies, freelancers and internal training departments.


Name: (2020)

Founders: Florina Dumitrache 

Country: Romania

Focus: E-learning 

Investment: over €200K 

CyberEDU is an e-learning platform that offers its corporate and individual users real-life and academic practices in cybersecurity and helps them kick-start their careers in the field.


Name: (2020)

Founders: Mina Kostova and Boris Rangelov 

Country: Bulgaria

Focus: Career Development, Mentorship

Investment: N/A is a free-of-charge platform that provides an opportunity for informal mentoring talk from digital professionals of various fields and industries in Bulgaria. The platform targets both young people who want to kick-start their careers, as well as professionals who are in need of advice for career advancement or field change.


Name: Parentropolis (2021)

Founders: Laura Ion and Oana Hagiescu

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Country: Romania

Focus: E-learning

Investment: around 5K (bootstrapping) 

Parentropolis helps mothers and fathers upgrade their skills in parenting with online classes and webinars. Based on monthly subscription, the platform offers educational content on child development from age 0 to 15. The founders are two mothers that came up with the idea to help fellow parents after giving birth themselves. 


Name: Ready For IT (2021)

Founders: Paula Avasiloaie 

Country: Romania

Focus: IT and Digital Training, Mentorship

Investment: around 10K

Ready For IT is a Romanian platform offering online training, edtech tools, and employment support to IT professionals. Apart from being a part of the community, the users can take advantage of getting advice from IT professionals, participating in projects and practical simulations in cross-functional teams.


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