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Work in Austria: The starting point for international talent heading to Austria

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Would you like to enjoy a high quality of life, low living costs, and a good salary, next to a growing startup and IT industry? Right in the middle of Europe, Austria is becoming a work destination for many highly-trained professionals. The country is increasingly attracting top-notch tech talent as startups, scaleups, and corporates from all over the globe choose it to grow their businesses.

Austrian Business Agency (ABA), which is the state’s promotion agency for business, is the best starting point for both qualified specialists and new employers in Austria. The Work In Austria team works to create the right conditions for attracting top minds from all over the world. EU citizens are allowed to easily move to Austria, but people from other countries must meet certain conditions. The ABA offers support in such situations.

“Relocation Services is the best place for qualified specialists and their families who are interested in moving to Austria. They can reach us at any moment if they have been offered a job or if they’re already in Austria and need assistance on issues like the labor market, education system, or rent,” explains Olga Markina, Key Account Manager, Relocation Services at Work in Austria.

Relocation Services: All the important questions answered

Visitors can access the Work in Austria website in English and German. Many of the team members can also speak other languages and are always available to help.

Markina says that they address all relevant topics such as: How can I send my child to kindergarten? What is the Austrian school system like? Where are the registration points? What is a registration form? And how do you get your e-card? Most incoming inquiries via email concern childcare, registration support, the family tax credit, and other related topics.

Austrian jobs are in high demand and larger companies are now attracting more international workers. Nearly 800,000 skilled foreign professionals are already living and working in Austria. Skilled workers in the country earn an average of 50K annually.

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A second important aspect of financial matters that you should not forget is the fact that in Austria the monthly salary is paid 14 times per year. In addition to the 12 monthly salaries, there are also holiday and Christmas bonuses. IT & Internet, financial, and energy/water supply are some of the industries that provide the best remuneration.

Job board and recruitment events also offers a networking service for qualified specialists and companies. It has its own job board with several thousand vacancies throughout the country. The platform is free to both job seekers and employers. It acts as a meta-platform, opening doors to other occupation and job channels. This central point of contact gives international specialists a first overview of Austria’s job market. Work in Austria offers a variety of events where local businesses can present themselves to international professionals.

All ABA services are free to use. Skilled workers coming to Austria can also access a guide, in the form of an electronic book. This provides a comprehensive overview of the main points regarding the process of moving to Austria. An app for Android and iPhone will soon be available to make access to information even easier. 

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