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Why Chief Impact Officer is a must job for the future

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A new position calls for attention in the C-Level suite, that of chief impact officer (CIO). This follows an increased focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations for corporations – and their leaders. The role of a sustainability leader is not an easy one to fill, as it falls on their shoulders to drive companies through one of the biggest transformations the private sector has seen so far.

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“The responsibilities of CIOs are not yet fully established, as the position is still quite new, but there are some that could be more obvious, one of them being corporate social responsibility.

Here, both ESG and CSR efforts can be included as the responsibility of the CIO, and he/she will have to make sure that these elements are well integrated with the company’s strategy. He/she will also need to make sure that all leaders of the company know about the ESG and CSR elements when developing strategies regarding branding or finances.

Solving potential ethics conflicts can also be considered as the activity of the CIO, since most companies don’t have an established mechanism that can balance things like a financial opportunity that also happens to have a big environmental impact.”

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