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Who Are the Pioneers and Emerging Stars in the Hottest Fintech Verticals?

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In 2022, fintech was the second most funded industry in CEE, and fintech startups attracted close to 20% of the total regional funding. In October 2022, the total value of CEE fintech startups came to €30B, and predictions outline that the growth of fintech startups will continue with the same speed in 2023. 

Depending on their business models, sub-verticals, and target customers, some fintech startups will find themselves in a better position than others. I crawled through some of the latest fintech reports and expert interviews, read a couple of industry prediction analyses, and asked ChatGPT to help me to compile the hottest global fintech verticals for 2023.  

If you are wondering which CEE fintech startups would benefit from the rising market trends, keep reading. 

Fintech Startups offering alternative lending and financing

Name: Booste

Country: Poland

Founders: Michael Kacprzak and Aleksandra Wodzisławska

Solution:  A revenue-based financing platform that provides e-commerce firms with funding to finance growth through digital ads on Facebook and Google, marketing campaigns, and inventory spending. Founded in 2020, the startup has so far raised a total of €14.6M in funding.

Tag: Pioneer


Name: Kredium 

Country: Serbia

Founders: Miša Lazović

Solution:  Kredium is a fintech marketplace that enables cross-border property buying through digital residential or commercial mortgages. In essence, the company acts as a stop-shop for cross-border and overseas mortgages.

Tag: Emerging Star


Fintech startups offering banking digitalization


Country: Romania

Founders: Ioan Iacob (CEO), Serban Chiricescu (CTO)

Solution: An enterprise platform helping banks and other financial institutions transform customer and employee experiences into omnichannel digital apps faster, easier, more affordable, and, most importantly, with smooth integration of existing legacy systems. The startup has raised a total of $8.5M. 

Tag: Pioneer


Name: Fizen

Country: Poland

Founders: Maciej Krasowski, Joanna Mamczur, Tomasz Cichowicz

Solution: The startup is a one-stop-shop financial integrator that develops open banking technology for retailers, companies, and corporate accounts. Fizen connects bank APIs and external service providers.

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Tag: Emerging Star


Fintech startups offering biometric authentication

Name: TypingDNA

Country: Romania

Founders: Raul Popa

Solution: The startup uses typing biometrics technology to recognize people based on their typing patterns. The technology is used for various use cases such as CEA (Continuous Endpoint Authentication), 2FA/MFA, SCA, risk-based authentication, fraud detection, and identity verification.

Tag: Pioneer


Name: Blinking

Country: Serbia

Founders: Miroslav Minović and Miloš Milovanović

Solution: A software development company with a focus and expertise in building and developing digital identity, identity verification, and user data protection. The startup aims to develop a trustworthy and practical software solution for digital identity management and protecting personal user data.

Tag: Emerging Star


Fintech startups in blockchain, crypto, and web3

Name: MultiversX  (former Elrond)

Country: Romania

Founders:  Beniamin Mincu, Lucian Mincu, and Lucian Todea

Solution: MultiversX is a highly scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain network created to enable radically new applications, for users, businesses, and society.

Tag: Pioneer


Name: Ronin

Country: Romania

Founders: Bogdan Almas, Ovidiu Ghiman, Felix Crisan

Solution: Blockchain crowdfunding platform that opens access to startup investments for everyone.

Tag: Emerging Star


Fintech startups in CFO Tech

Name: PlanDelta

Country: Bulgaria

Founders: Martin Milanov and Milen Manev

Solution: An agile financial planning platform that aims to bridge the gap between strategic planning and flexible financial budgeting. The startup develops the first financial planning and analysis (FP&A) platform, decreasing the time to value. 

Tag: Pioneer


Name: Salarium 

Country: Romania

Founders:  Alina Stefan
Solution: Fintech platform for salary-on-demand that enables employees to use their salaries whenever they need them most. 

Tag: Emerging Star


Fintech startups in digital payments and money transfers

Name: Phos

Country: Bulgaria

Founders: Ivo Gueorguiev, Antonina Martinova, and Valeri Valtchev 

Solution: A point-of-sale software that does not require any additional software for payment transactions and accepts card payments directly on an NFC-enabled phone or another Android device. Buyers just have to use their card or phone at the back of the merchant’s device and then enter their PIN or choose to pay with Google or Apple Pay. 

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Tag: Pioneer


Name: Enbank

Country: Bulgaria

Founders: Nick Gospodinov and Aleksandar Bonin

Solution: Enbank allows users to skip the card networks and pay directly with their personal bank of choice. Payments arrive straight to their bank accounts and they can access funds immediately.

Tag: Emerging Star


Fintech startups in digital wealth management

Name: Plum

Country: Greece

Founders: Victor Trokoudes

Solution: A smart application that helps its users manage money with the help of artificial intelligence. Plum’s application analyses the users’ bank transactions and then tells them how much they can save or invest each month. 

Tag: Pioneer


Name: Patron

Country: Czech Republic

Founders: Lukáš Vršecký

Solution: An app based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that is able to detect the unnecessarily high costs of a client’s bank account and offers him the best solution.

Tag: Emerging Star


Fintech startups in InsurTech

Name: Boleron

Country: Bulgaria

Founders: Alexander Tsvetkov

Solution: A digital insurance broker that has managed to develop a broad portfolio of digital insurance products beginning with mountain insurance and travel insurance and moving on to all kinds of insurances. Having tailored its offering for B2C clients, the startup is now upgrading its business model and developing a B2B offering for banks and telecoms.   

Tag: Pioneer



Country: Poland

Founders: Stan Borkowski

Solution: An automation software designed to automate the personal claim settlement process. 

Tag: Emerging Star


Fintech startups offering RegTech

Name: Silent Eight

Country: Poland

Founders: Martin Markiewicz

Solution: The company uses AI to create compliance platforms for the world’s leading financial institutions. The mission of the startup is to help eliminate financial crime. The explainable AI technology enables clients to solve more screening alerts in less time and with greater accuracy.  

Tag: Pioneer


Name: Smart Fintech 

Country: Romania

Founders:  Ana Maria Georgescu, Mihaela Georgescu, Alexandru Cociu and Andrei Dumitru

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Solution: Smart Fintech acts as an intermediary between the bank and its customers and ensures compliance with the regulations.

Tag: Emerging Star


Future considerations

One fintech vertical which is yet untapped in our region is blockchain for banking. As the overall trust in unregulated cryptocurrency platforms decreases, banks are starting to grasp on the opportunity to integrate blockchain technology into their operations. 

A couple of international banks such as J.P. Morgan, Swedish Central Bank, and HSBC are already pioneering collaborations with eternal blockchain for banking technology providers to bring their transaction lifecycles onto the ledger, reduce costs, and improve security. 


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