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ViennaUP’23: Bringing Startup Success Beyond Borders and Boundaries

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As Vienna gears up for the upcoming ViennaUP’23 festival, set to take place from May 30 through June 7, 2023, it’s interesting to look back at the tremendous success of last year’s event. ViennaUP’22 attracted over 10,000 visitors from 67 nations, solidifying Vienna’s reputation as an international startup hub. This year’s festival is looking to build upon that success, offering even more opportunities for connection, collaboration, and growth.

Ivelina Atanasova-Genchev, founder of Bulgarian DigitalKidZ, described her experience at ViennaUP’22 as a “golden ticket for your startup.” She explained that in just five days, DigitalKidZ advanced as much as it had over the last few years, thanks to the well-organized daily schedule of meetings, pitching events, talks with investors, and insights into the local ecosystem.

Gergely Ellenrieder, CEO of Hungarian Aeriu, credited the event for providing valuable feedback on his business model and opening doors for new funding talks. He said, “We are here to get feedback on our business model from manufacturing companies and start new talks about funding. We are also preparing to come to Austria and show our solutions locally as a live demo – we have already received a lot of input from the ecosystem for this – thank you Vienna!”

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ViennaUP’23: A Must-Attend Event for Startup Founders and Investors in CEE

ViennaUP’23 offers a decentralized, community-driven experience for startup ecosystems, businesses, founders, investors, tech enthusiasts, creatives, and visionaries. The festival, initiated by the Vienna Business Agency, is a melting pot of innovation and collaboration, poised to surpass the success of last year’s event.

The program focuses on six main topics, ranging from investment and entrepreneurship to upskilling and social impact. ViennaUP’23 boasts a plethora of events that cater to various interests and provide opportunities for networking, learning, and growth. 

Furthermore, at the ViennaUP Homebase at Karlsplatz, attendees can relax, network, and enjoy local food and drinks in a stunning setting with a view of the historic Karlskirche. This central meeting spot serves as an ideal space to connect with other festival participants and immerse in Vienna’s atmosphere. Meanwhile, the option for Coffee House Sessions will offer a unique opportunity to discuss ideas and gain insights with experts, investors, and entrepreneurs in Vienna’s iconic, historic Kaffeehäuser. These sessions not only foster meaningful connections but also allow attendees to experience the city’s vibrant culture while discussing the future of innovation.

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Some noteworthy events during the festival include:

  • The Essentials of Startup Fundraising: The workshop participants can expect a hands-on approach to the latest dos and don’ts on startup fundraising. Attendees will get a lot of practical advice and examples.
  • Social Entrepreneurship in Vienna – Driving Change and Creating Meaningful Impact: This is the perfect event to find out how social businesses are making a difference, what challenges they face, and gain invaluable insights from experienced panelists.
  • 0100 Conference DACH: An in-person conference that brings together PE & VC industry leaders looking at the DACH region for the 9th time.
  • Tech Jobs Fair – Vienna 2023: one of the biggest events of the ViennaUP’23 Week: connecting corporates, startups & talents.
  • AI for Sustainability Hackathon ’23: The AI for Sustainability Hackathon ‘23 aims to solve problems regarding sustainability by applying the latest AI technologies.
  • HEALTH INNOVATION SUMMIT VIENNA: the European platform event about transforming the healthcare system through innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Smart City SuMMit: At Smart City SuMMit, everything revolves around the question of what we have to do today so that cities remain livable for our grandchildren.
  • Find Your Female Co-Founder: Looking for a Female Co-Founder for your Startup – OR – Are you ready to take the plunge into Entrepreneurship?
  • SHETech – How women shape the future: Three deep dives into how women innovate… “ICT and Digital Health”, “AI” as well as “Mobility.

Focused on Impact and Female Entrepreneurship

This year’s festival stays true to Vienna’s commitment to sustainability, impact, and gender equality. Vienna is home to many startups in the impact area, working on solutions for people, the planet, and sustainable profit. The “Impact the Future” track offers over 20 dedicated impact gatherings, workshops, and conferences that cater to both experienced professionals and aspiring planet-protectors.

Additionally, Vienna is known for its proactive approach to gender equality and support for female-led businesses. This year’s ViennaUP’23 highlights include the “Women Startup Competition Global Alumni Get Together” and the “Find your Female Co-Founder” event, aiming to promote diverse leadership and foster connections among female entrepreneurs.

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To learn more about the festival and register for events, visit Be sure to act fast, as tickets for many events are expected to go quickly. 


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