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Unicorn founder Daniel Dines participates in the €50M Series B of health tech startup Avi Medical

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Daniel Dines, the co-founder and CEO of RPA giant, UiPath, continues to show his support as an angel investor both in the US as well as in Europe. The former Microsoft engineer’s latest investment in our neck of the woods is in the medical vertical. Dines joined the €50M Series B funding round of the German startup with Romanian co-founder Avi Medical. 

This is the second time the unicorn founder invested in the startup. 

Avi Medical’s growth journey

Avi Medical was co-founded in 2020 in Munich, Germany, by Christoph Baumeister, Julian Kley, and Romanian Vlad Lata. The hybrid healthcare company offers both clinics as well as telemedicine services and wants to help the traditional medical care system evolve. 

Their latest round was led by UK-based VC Balderton Capital and joined by Addition, Germany-based VCs Heal Capital, Picus Capital, and Vorwerk Ventures, French VC Eurazeo, Austrian VC 3VC, as well as USA-based healthcare startup Forward’s founder, Adrian Aoun.

So far, the tech startup has raised over €80M in four rounds. 

Avi Medical’s latest round will be used to keep developing the project. They plan to expand the clinic network in Germany, from 8 to 100 offices, by the end of 2024. The founders will continue developing the platform for the medical staff and patients, maturing the AI solution, hiring new team members, and planning their international scaling. 

How does their solution work

The platform aims to help practitioners better manage their schedules and reports, while it also offers an AI component for patient care. General medicine practitioners can join the network of Avi Medical and decide if they want to accept meetings on the site or digitally. While patients can use the platform to book appointments, have their medical history in one spot, and chat with a practitioner. 

Avi Medical plans to keep building AI to help doctors make better and faster diagnostics based on a patient’s medical history. 

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Daniel Dines latest investments

Daniel Dines has been an active angel investor in the past few years. Other notable investments in his portfolio are:

  • MaintainX, a US-based management platform for factory frontline teams
  • DoNotPay, a US-based robot lawyer 
  • Trickest, a Serbian enabler of software teams to build and automate secure workflows
  • Taktile, a US-based platform designed for fintechs to accept more customers
  • Ledgy, a Switzerland-based end-to-end equity management platform
  • Klarity, a US-based AI that automates billing and RecRec contract review for SaaS and software companies
Daniel Dines’ latest investment has been in the Romanian agricultural sector. Through the company Ice Vulcan Properties Ltd. he acquired a 9.57% stake in Rodbun Grup S.A.
RodBun was founded in 2001 by Alexandru Iancu and Daniel Muntean. Its purpose is to digitize local agriculture. The company specializes in the production of seeds.

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