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Traction Keys: The Venture Studio that Puts Eastern European Startups on the Path to Success

Traction Keys: The Venture Studio that Puts Eastern European Startups on the Path to Success,
Image credit: Gabriel Pana, Founder of Traction Keys; Canva;

Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind innovation and economic growth. The Eastern European startup ecosystem has been growing steadily in the past few years. A report from Dealroom on the topic shows the potential and maturity of the ecosystem, attracting more and more investors and entrepreneurs to the region as the startup scene continues to flourish.

However, many entrepreneurs are still looking for more accessible tools that help them develop their ideas. This is where Traction Keys comes in, a Venture Studio and Accelerator dedicated to assisting startups in overcoming the challenges they face and achieving success.

“As someone who has experienced the challenges of building and scaling a startup firsthand, I know how valuable the right support can be. With Traction Keys, I have the opportunity to use my experience and expertise to help other founders navigate those challenges and achieve success. And by doing so, we’re not just building successful businesses, but also contributing to the growth and development of the entire startup ecosystem.” – Gabriel Pana, Founder of Traction Keys.

Venture Studio and Accelerator with a growth mindset

Traction Keys is a Venture Studio and Accelerator founded by Gabriel Pana, a startup veteran with a track record of success in automation, digital transformation, sales, and growth. Their goal is to help EE startups and companies succeed and eventually become unicorns. Traction Keys decided to focus on startups from Eastern Europe because of the abundance of eager founders with great business ideas in untapped markets.

Recently, Traction Keys announced that they are launching a $1M fund to better support the startup ecosystem within their region. The Venture Studio and Accelerator aims to provide both funding and services worth more than $1M to ten selected startups from Eastern Europe. Traction Keys is looking for super innovative startups with a clear tech industry focus, mostly B2B and some B2C, depending on the idea’s innovation.

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The ten startups selected will receive an average of $100k investment and $100k in services and the support of an A-team of advisors, prior startup founders, and venture capital firms. The services provided by the venture studio include product, marketing, recruitment, legal, sales, and strategy. Traction Keys aims to help startups grow and succeed by combining funding with these services and support. This will allow early-stage companies to thrive and support the fund’s goal to build a more innovative, dynamic, and successful startup ecosystem.

But Traction Keys isn’t just a venture studio and Accelerator. They’ve built a community of over 100 successful startup founders and established connections with angel networks and venture capital firms in Europe and the US. By partnering with Traction Keys, EE founders will join a supportive network of like-minded entrepreneurs who want to see you succeed.

Track record of success

Traction Keys’ founder, Gabriel Pana, has over 15 years in the industry. He brings experience in developing and executing sales and growth strategies. After stints in Honeywell, Oracle, and BCR, he joined UiPath to grow and lead sales and the company towards Europe and the US, where he opened the first offices and its successful IPO in the spring of 2021. Gabriel has also built and led other successful business ventures that he exited to investors and international companies.

Together with his advisors, he’s built a team of prior founders, sales leaders, digital transformation champions, marketing gurus, and legal advisors to provide startups with the support they need to succeed.

So if you’re a startup looking for support and resources to grow your business, consider partnering with Traction Keys. With their $1M fund and services, as well as their supportive community, Traction Keys is the partner you need to succeed.


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