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Tiger Technology Secures €2M in Convertible Loan, Prepares for €10M Series A Funding Round

Tiger Technology

In a Nutshell


  • Tiger Technology, a Bulgarian software company, has secured €2M in convertible loan. 
  • IMPETUS Capital has invested €400K, with the remaining funds provided by business angels. 


Get the Details


Founded by Alexander Lefterov, Tiger Technology develops storage workflow solutions designed to enhance capability, performance, and value for rich media and enterprise applications.

The company serves global media industry clients including Disney, Universal, MTV, Sky, and the Financial Times.

Prior to this round, the company raised €6M from investors such as Telelink Investments, MFG Invest, Nikolov & Partners, SDC Swiss AG, Dimitar Rachev, and Provity.

The company is preparing for a Series A funding round of €10M to support their planned expansion in various verticals.


In Their Own Words


“This year is going according to plan, and the plan is quite ambitious. We are moving with serious growth compared to last year. The important thing for us is to maintain this growth until the end of the year,” said Iravan Hira, CEO of Tiger Technology, in an interview with Capital.

“We are also expanding into new business verticals. Our focus on specific segments where there is high added value, such as video surveillance. There we rely on the integration of our products in the cloud services of Microsoft and Amazon, because that is how we reach a large part of our customers. Additionally, we are targeting the healthcare sector, where we have already demonstrated our concept,” added Hira.


Investor’s Perspective


The co-founder and managing partner of IMPETUS Capital, Nikolay Martynov, commented, “Tiger Technology is a highly specialized innovative company that solves the problem of growing volumes of data in the cloud. The company is establishing itself as a leading provider of efficient and scalable data storage and management solutions and is already receiving recognition from partners such as Microsoft, Amazon and Milestone.”

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