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The Rise of EdTech In SEE

Edtech has been growing in Southeast Europe
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In recent years, EdTech has experienced remarkable growth across Southeastern Europe. The recent acquisition by Google of Croatian-based maths app Photomath has highlighted the Croatian startup ecosystem, but also the EdTech ecosystem within Southeastern Europe.

The area is home to some of the most exciting and cutting-edge EdTech businesses, which are revolutionizing how education is provided.  The digitalization of the education sector and the increasing acceptance of digital EdTech solutions have contributed to the growth of the EdTech market in the region. The region also has a young and tech-savvy population that has embraced the use of technology in education. Furthermore, schools and universities were forced to switch to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the adoption of EdTech accelerated as a result. The switch to remote education showed the necessity of providing digital tools to facilitate online teaching and learning became of great importance. Due to this rising need for EdTech solutions, the number of EdTech startups in the area has expanded, with many of these companies providing creative solutions to the problems facing the education sector.

A few examples of interesting EdTech startups include: 

Konceptiva from North Macedonia with their product Coach helps large organizations cut down on training preparation time, makes sure knowledge sticks, and provides in-depth real-time insights about the knowledge status of their employees.

Code of Talent from Romania, a SaaS platform that helps employees acquire and apply knowledge in real-time, with minimum training time and minimum costs.

VIDI-TO from Croatia produces the VIDI X tool for learning STEM skills, which is already available in 600 schools across the Republic of Croatia, and to which more than 24,000 students have access.

DigitalKidz from Bulgaria is a unique startup that believes students should be creators, not just consumers of today’s technologies.

Propter from Serbia, The company hopes that its XR platform will spark children’s interest in STEM by allowing them to visualize and learn by doing in an approachable way.

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Labbox from Kosovo focused on bringing science, electronics, and computer engineering closer to children across Kosovo, through fun and interactive ways that encourage thinking and finding new and innovative solutions for various challenges.

The availability of venture capital for EdTech businesses in the area has aided the expansion of the sector. We can expect to see many more EdTech startups make notable advancements and we are looking forward to seeing the ripple effect from the notable exit of Photomath. When it comes to the potential of EdTech in Southeastern Europe, these startups are merely the tip of the iceberg. 

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