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Tech for collaboration: Romanian startup Brunch gets €250K funding

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Brunch, the tech startup that offers a website feedback app to enhance online collaboration, raised €250K from Ulpia Ventures, after attracting the attention of entrepreneur and investor Mihai Ivascu. The funds will be invested in developing the app and scaling internationally.

With remote working representing the new status quo during the pandemic, organizations everywhere had to adapt to online collaboration environments. And while this new setting comes with its challenges, startups such as Brunch are more interested in the opportunities.  This one is for developers, marketers, and designers, working together on building websites. What if you could exchange feedback promptly and with only one click, instead of having to schedule calls?

“We identified a market need for a platform that can facilitate web collaboration for building new websites and optimizing existing ones. Brunch reduces time spent, creating a website and financial resources invested, improves communication and the feedback process, being at the same time easy to use by anyone,” Andrei Stoica, CEO of Brunch, says in the press release.

An app for live website feedback 

Brunch envisioned an online collaboration solution to streamline the process of giving and addressing feedback for multi-departmental teams. Their live website feedback app allows teams to add feedback and comments on live websites and collaborate to optimize content and style. As a result, websites can be built faster, which can also reduce financial costs.

The application targets global users, yet it has a focus on Europe, where the hosting servers are also located. Brunch is built by a team with over 10 years in digital marketing and web development. The recent investment was a proof of trust from their partner in the market potential of their solution, as well as the business model. Mihai Ivascu, CEO of Modex and Investment Partner at Romanian VC Ulpia Ventures, decided to not only invest in the company but also help it scale through mentorship and consultancy.

“Brunch and the application the two young Romanian entrepreneurs created fit perfectly with the concept we envisioned for Ulpia Ventures. We are happy Brunch joins the Ulpia Ventures family, alongside other tech companies and I know we will achieve great things together, all the while solving real-life problems through emerging technologies developed by the new wave of entrepreneurs”, Mihai Ivascu said in the press release.

The 250K financing will help Brunch get to the next stage in their development, achieving market leadership in the next year and make online collaboration faster for web developers, marketers and designers.

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