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Tech Branding 101: From Vision to Strategy With The Recursive and Sessions

Branding Webinar
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Looking to bring your brand vision to the world, but you haven’t mapped all the strategic steps to get there? Here is where the story begins! The secret is a timeline of valuable stories about impactful steps released at the right time.

As storytelling connoisseurs, we have partnered up with Sessions, the IT platform from CEE when it comes to digital events, to invite you to connect with the Central and Eastern Europe community of communication and marketing professionals.

Join us at the first free media webinar out of 10 that will unravel throughout the year, for a one-hour virtual experience, on the 23rd of March, at 5 PM (GMT+2), to discuss the importance of BRANDING for innovative tech players that want to remain relevant.

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“Today’s audiences are not the audiences of yesterday, and they are not those of tomorrow. Being able to balance building a useful solution, as well as a narrative for it to reach those who need it, and can support it, demands realignment. This is why we are joining forces with another CEE tech startup, Sessions, to help entrepreneurs and tech professionals keep up with the ever-changing world of storytelling. Listen and ask questions today, so you can win tomorrow,” Irina Obushtarova, co-founder and CEO of The Recursive, the leading media covering the local innovation ecosystem in CEE.

All about branding

As a founder, your mission is to develop a solution that is useful for a specific category. Your vision is to use innovation to do good, and support people, and the planet. Yet, no matter how stellar your solution or product is if it doesn’t meet your target audience, as the saying goes “you are out”.

As the competition is getting fiercer with each new line of code, and online audiences are bigger – think 5B global users, and savvier, you might’ve noticed that not everything thrown out there into the digital sphere goes viral anymore.

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Founders will learn that less is more, and targeted narratives will be the key to an optimized 2023 awareness campaign. While savvy marketers will discover that the secret juice is to continue to adapt their tactics to the algorithm’s stiff rules, and the empathetic eyes of the mind-fogged consumers.

Branding webinar speakers

For this digital session, we will hear from brand builders such as Zlatina Petrova, founder of branding studio Brandly Collective and Othmane Boumzebra, Positioning Consultant at Ingotify, a brand strategy company.

They will guide us through:

  • Discovering a brand’s customers and finding a brand’s voice to drive awareness and become industry leaders.
  • Branding during uncertain times, when audiences are overstimulated by the abundance of options and data.
  • Understanding the value of employer branding to raise the awareness of leads, and of future team rockstars.
  • How dynamic visuals, mission-first stories, and a little bit of humor are a few ways to build connections.
  • But also the value of setting the right price, strategizing your promotion, and choosing the channels to reach your target audience.

Does this sound like a foreign language to you? We have you covered, as after branding, there will come webinars about media outreach, employer branding, video marketing, B2B and B2C channels, AI in marketing, podcasting, and personal branding, to name a few.

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