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It’s Time for a Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Tech Startup Ecosystem?

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Update: The raffle for a ticket to How to Web has officially ended, but you can still take the quiz to test your knowledge about the startup ecosystem.

The startup world moves at light’s speed, innovating, testing, validating, and scaling faster than the rest of the business world. Even so, when you’re inside the ecosystem, you adjust to the pace. You know who’s who and what is the latest news. And yes, probably your friends outside of the startup world will be looking up to you to share the juicy insights.

But how much of the nitty-gritty and the details do you know? Would you crush a startup trivia game, or will you be crushed instead?

Here’s a chance to test your hypothesis with a two-minute quiz about the startup ecosystem. And yes, we’re adding a Southeast European lens to it to keep it interesting. 

We’ve also got a reward for the first person to get all the answers right. In case you haven’t “learned How to Web” yet, we’re sending you to the biggest conference in Eastern Europe on startup and innovation, happening this autumn. 1500+ people, including entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors are expected to gather between September 21-22 to learn from industry changemakers, expand their network, and get inspired to build the future.

So, up for the challenge? Take the quiz for a chance at a double invitation (2 x Attendee Passes) at the How to Web conference, and come back again next Friday, July 15th, to see the results of the quiz.


Take the startup quiz

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