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Startup cities in SEE: Who is who in the emerging Belgrade ecosystem

Belgrade startup ecosystem
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The most downloaded and played football game, the world’s largest online travel company for fishing trips, leaders in the biomedical data industry, and prominent international acquisitions – a snapshot of how the vibrant startup ecosystem of Belgarde has been growing in the past couple of years. With IT being the fastest growing sector of the Serbian economy, it is not surprising that many international companies have established programming and R&D centers in the country’s capital. 

And even though the local regulatory environment does not yet provide a concrete framework, incentive and guidance systems for startups, the growth of the local startup infrastructure is made possible by the established community of exchange between entrepreneurs, founders, investors, and academia. In the following list, The Recursive team is giving an overview of who are the main contributors and organizations that are the cornerstones of support for the startup ecosystem of Belgrade.

Notable startups

  • Active Collab is a project management software for creative professionals.
  • Agremo – offers a cloud-based software platform for agribusinesses and crop growers that uses AI analytics to improve crop management. 
  • Blinking – an ID verification, authentication and management platform based on blockchain technology that gives users complete control over their data.
  • FishingBooking – the world’s largest online marketplace for booking fishing trips. 
  • Labsii – a productivity app that offers a file management solution and voice and speech optimization tools. 
  • Machine Can See – uses AI to create solutions that help improve the efficiency in retail, transportation, and video.
  • Mainflux Labs – an end-to-end, open-source IoT platform.
  • MedicBooker – a platform for health tourism.
  • Nordeus – a mobile gaming company best known for the Top Eleven Football Manager simulator
  • Orgnostic – an HR analytics platform for high-quality organizational insights.
  • OriginTrail –  works on the optimization of product supply chains by  connecting legacy IT systems and ensuring data immutability 
  • Publitio –  handles storage, processing, and delivery of media content for web and mobile apps
  • Seven Bridges Genomics – a biomedical data analytics for healthcare research. 
  • Strawberry Tree – an IoT-based public solar charger for mobile devices 
  • Sunthehic  – designs and builds consumer electronics powered by clean energy. 
  • TeleSkin – a skin imaging system that enables early diagnosis of skin cancer 
  • Teodesk – a cloud-based software designed to facilitate team collaboration and business process management.
  • Timezy – an appointment scheduling software that allows scheduling meetings and events as well as managing staff and services.
  • TradeCore – a platform-as-a-service that enables fintech companies to build  banking and investment products
  • UrbiGo – an IoT system for indoor gardening.
  • Videobolt – a marketplace that allows SMEs to find professional video designs.
  • Wiocor Energy – develops solar power solutions and fast-charging stations for electric vehicles.
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Corporate Innovators and VCs  

  • Microsoft Development Center Serbia –  responsible for core engineering work in Azure, SQL Server, HoloLens, and Microsoft Office. 
  • ICT Hub Ventures – a private investment fund, focused on early-stage technology startups in the SEE region. 
  • Innovation Fund Serbia –  supported by the EU, this governmental fund has invested over €20M in nearly 700 projects.
  • South Central Ventures – a €40M fund dedicated to early-stage and growth investments and focused on tech companies from all over the Western Balkans region.

Startup organizations & associations 

  • Impact Hub Belgrade – a community of impact entrepreneurs, mentors, and creative professionals that offers various programs for startups and creates different media and entrepreneurship initiatives.
  • Nordeus Hub – an independent mobile game developer that offers engaging and practical booster programs, a free co-working space and mentoring support to chosen gaming startups.
  • Science Technology Park Belgrade – the first science technology park in Serbia that hosts startups and scaleups and provides them with mentorship. 
  • Startit – runs a network of startup hubs, an annual pre-acceleration program and a local tech news outlet. 
  • The Digital Serbia Initiative – an NGO that works on programs in the areas of formal and informal education, startup ecosystem development, legal frameworks, digital infrastructure, and public discussion on digital transformation. 

Lists are never complete, if you’re part of the Belgrade startup ecosystem, fill in this form and we’ll add your organization to the listicle as soon as possible.


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