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Stailer launches a collection of NFTs to help beauty salons create engaging experiences for customers

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Image credit: Andrei Ursachi
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Stailer, a Romania-based beauty startup founded by Andrei Ursachi, will launch a collection of 8888 NFTs called Shine in June. The digital assets released by the company will play the role of VIP cards for clients in the sector and will ensure luxury customers a better experience.

This is the next step of the company’s ambitious plan to digitize the beauty industry in the SEE region. This market was strongly affected by the pandemic in the past 2 years. With its recovery, there are some problems both for customers, who struggle to find the salon that fits their needs, and businesses, most of which have an occupancy level of only 70%. Through different digital initiatives, clients will have a better customer experience and salon owners will have the opportunity to unleash their potential and grow rapidly. Digitizing the vertical is a key factor that will be a key powerhouse for the industry to reach the expected estimation of the market of almost €200B by 2026.

Stailer’s NFTs will be available on Elrond blockchain and will be purchased with either Elgd currency or any bank card. The technology behind creating these digital assets allows Stailer to issue loyalty cards that are unique and allows its owners to cede or even sell this privilege. Shine owners will receive exclusive discounts and give the additional status in the luxury salons that are part of Stailer’s network.

NFTs as a crowdfunding platform to bridge the gap to global investments

Launching an NFT campaign is another step toward Stailer’s ambitious goal to expand the company on the global markets. 

“After the onset of the pandemic, we saw a lot of opportunities for leveraging new products in certain areas. Based on our research, we saw a great perspective in the beauty industry and decided to start Stailer in late 2020. Since then, we have focused on improving our products with the ambition to reach the global market, which would allow us to gain access to regional financial funds. That is the reason we launched an NFT collection as a crowdfunding platform that will allow us to open new doors, ” Uraschi highlights.

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The “Shine” collection as special VIP cards

Stailer was created in the fall of 2020 by Romanian serial entrepreneur Andrei Ursachi, who has over 10 years of experience helping startups on their fast scaling journey. He chose to launch digital assets available on blockchain technology because it allows the company to issue loyalty cards whose existence is no longer conditioned by the identity of a person, but by the possession of a digital voucher that is transmissible.

“I decided to launch an NFT collection to bridge the gap between beauty salon users in the luxury segment and the salon itself through a unique selection of VIP cards. Based on our past experience, we saw that customers in this segment are paying not only for the service, but for the whole experience, and not a lot of salons match their criteria. We combined that with Stailer’s online booking platform for salons and professionals,” Andrei says.

Offering additional bonuses for customers

The collection of 8888 unique digital non-fungible tokens will play the role of unique VIP cards for customers, which will allow them to receive special treatment and rate beauty salons in Stailer’s network. Except for sharing their opinion on a certain salon, they will receive a bunch of discounts and cashback options. Through people’s ratings on the platform, the algorithm creates an in-depth hierarchy of the best luxury salons based on an objective and transparent criteria.

“Shine” is designed by Cătălin Botezatu, a well-known Romanian fashion designer. The NFT icons announced by Stailer represent a unicorn, the ultimate symbol of elegance and well-being. The accessorization of these non-fungible tokens is made under the latest fashion trends.

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