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SeedBlink turns two, checks off €38M in funding rounds, and starts its EU expansion with Bulgaria and Greece

Image credit: From left to right: Andrei Dudoiu, Ionut Patrahau, Carmen Sebe, and Radu Georgescu
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Romanian-based crowdfunding platform SeedBlink announced it has raised €38M in 56 funding rounds for the two years after its launch. Now that they are set off to EU expansion, The Recursive takes a look at their biggest rounds, and what is their investor profile.

SeedBlink is a tech startup specializing in investments from pre-seed to B Series. They have had 4 pre-seed campaigns of €1.6M, 4 bridge rounds of €2M, and 44 Seed ones of €30M. The total amount raised by investors has been €15M, and the remaining €23M was attracted by lead investors.

According to their report, released to mark their second birthday, the platform has been accessed by 9000 investors from 50 countries. During the past two years, over 1500 startups have made their pitch, out of which almost 60 projects, from seven different countries, have been approved. 

Top 5 biggest investment rounds on SeedBlink

SeedBlink’s philosophy of investing

Leading a team of almost 40 employees, Carmen Sebe, CEO of SeedBlink, shared with us in a previous interview that their vision is to enable middle-class individuals to access venture capital and also to become angel investors with the power to revive their local ecosystem. 

“Our European development will be guided by the EU regulations on crowdfunding. We aim to be one of the first platforms to be authorized by this regulation. We already have the support of the FSA, and we want to have a local law as soon as possible to stand out positively at the EU level,” Andrei Dudoiu, co-founder and Managing Partner of SeedBlink, adds in the official press release.

Beginning with Romania, and continuing its expansion in Bulgaria and Greece, the crowdfunding platform has facilitated collaborations where investors could choose from a diverse pool of innovative solutions, and continue supporting the startups each time they raise a new round. The most active verticals have been enterprise SaaS, FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech, as well as MarTech

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How does the SeedBlink investor’s profile look like

According to their data, the SeedBlink investor is predominantly male; can be found in the sectors IT & services, financial, software, banking, and management; and is around 30-year-old. He has seniority in the workforce and can be found working as a business developer, engineer, or sales representative. He likes to invest on average €4000K in a company and can commit to 2-3 rounds per year.  

Florin Pop, founder of PrimaInvest Capital, and Board Member of Transylvania Angels Network has invested through the platform in Cyscale, Cartloop, and SanoPass and shares:

“SeedBlink is salutary in the ecosystem. As an investor, the fact that a company manages to get listed on SeedBlink is proof of worthiness, growth potential, and recognition that inspires trust.”

Cristian Dascalu, Partner at GapMinder VC, adds:

“SeedBlink is a player who tries to aggregate the resources from the micro investors, who have surplus resources and are looking for an investment, not in bank accounts or real estate investments, but in a more active area with an innovation impact.”

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