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SeedBlink, the Romanian crowdfunding platform, received €1.2M to accelerate its EU expansion

SeedBlink, the Romanian crowdfunding platform
Image credit: SeedBlink and Catalyst Romania Fund II teams
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SeedBlink, the Romanian crowdfunding platform, received €1.2M from Catalyst Romania Fund II as part of their €3M Series A financing round. The company aims to shape Europe’s tech investments by expanding into the EU beginning with the Q3 of 2021. 

Back in May, SeedBlink announced its first Series A financing round, which they completed in record time. The amount raised by crowd investing, the biggest on the platform and the region, reached €1.1M, double the initial target. Catalyst Romania Fund II has become the lead investor with €1.2M and the rest was received from private investing.

Catalyst Romania Fund II is one of the most important VCs in the region. The team will continue to primarily target investments in high-growth sectors including technology & internet, media & communications, and technology-enabled Services. Their focus is on technology companies that have the potential to become regional leaders. The company is supported by 3TS Capital Partners, an extension of the Catalyst team.

Marius Ghenea, the Managing Partner at Catalyst Romania, says that the company has an active role within tech companies towards the great exit. “SeedBlink has the potential to remove the traditional barriers of the financing process, both for investors and for many innovative tech start-ups across Europe. Platform and market growth will create the opportunity for many more participants to benefit from this democratization of the equity investment process,” he concludes. 

SeedBlink is getting ready for its expansion in Europe with updates to the Board of Advisors. Led by Radu Georgescu, the board welcomes two new members: Ted Cominos Jr., a Chicago-based corporate lawyer, and Pekka Mäki, Managing Partner at 3TS Capital Partners.

“We democratize the access of the individuals to private investments in start-ups, aiming to offer them the best tools for managing the portfolio strategy, and the infrastructure needed to present them with the same advantages and best practices from the venture capital world,” Radu Georgescu, Chairman of the Board, SeedBlink, says. 

SeedBlink was co-founded in 2019 by former bankers Andrei Dudoiu and Ionut Patrahau. They were joined by tech entrepreneurs Carmen Sebe and Radu Georgescu. Back in May Andrei Dudoiu shared with The Recursive that their main goal is to show that the model they’ve been successfully testing in Romania, could be exported across Europe. 

During the first 19 months of activity, the platform gathered 6,000 investors from 15 countries. It launched 47 financing campaigns with companies headquartered in five different countries. And it raised investments exceeding 21M million from private individuals and VC funds, with 49% of the amount via equity crowdfunding. All of these make it the tech startups’ investment platform with the highest growth in Europe regarding the collected amounts and the number of investors.

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