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Sales intelligence provider Cognism secures $87.5M in Series C round

Global AI-driven sales intelligence provider Cognism announced that it secured $87.5M in Series C funding
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Global AI-driven sales intelligence provider Cognism announced that it secured $87.5M in Series C funding, led by new investors Viking Global Investors and Blue Cloud Ventures, together with follow-on investors AXA Venture Partners, Swisscom Ventures, and Volution.

Established in 2015, Cognism’s workforce currently includes over 250 employees based in seven countries including the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Croatia, North Macedonia, and Germany. 

The company’s CTO, Stjepan Buljat comes from Croatia, while Cognism’s North Macedonian team is engaged in the company’s research and engineering activities. 

According to the company, the new funding will aid Cognism’s plans to expand across Europe, as well as strengthen its position in the US as a leading provider of compliant and actionable B2B sales intelligence. 

“No other software company offers a truly global sales intelligence platform like Cognism. By pairing our premium quality contact data with advanced contextual data points like technographics and buyer intent signals, we help modern revenue teams connect with confidence and exceed targets. Our goal is to enable companies to build a meaningful connection with their next best customer in the most predictable, efficient, and cost-effective way,” Cognism’s CEO James Isilay said in a statement

The Series C round comes less than a year after the company secured a $12.5 Series B investment round, meant for its European expansion.

Going global with Intelligent B2B sales data

For Cognism, the latest expansion can be seen as a combination of organic growth and acquisitions, the company said in a statement. Further investment is now planned to maintain the company’s leading position in B2B sales Intelligence data globally.

“The funding will help us empower many more businesses with international sales intelligence over the coming years, setting a new standard in data quality and compliance. It will accelerate our growth and global expansion plans as the leading provider of intelligent B2B sales data,” Isilay noted.

Recent months have seen significant investment in Cognism’s new products and partnerships. Last year, Cognism also launched Diamond Data, which provides the most accurate GDPR & CCPA compliant phone-verified contacts for business development teams internationally.

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Cognism’s sales solution enables new customer identification through an intelligent sequencing pipeline and personalized outreach to both potential customers and prospective employees. When it comes to marketing needs, the unified platform gathers in one multi-channel marketing and campaign targeting based on intelligent data analysis. 

In practice, Cognism’s solutions can not only be used for attracting customers but can also be integrated with a business’ CRM for retail and internet analysis, as well as staff recruitment, and training.


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Bojan Stojkovski is a journalist based in Skopje, North Macedonia. He has been covering foreign affairs and technology in the Balkans region for over a decade.