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Product marketer Robert Katai on how to hold, not just get, attention on social media as a business

Image credit: Robert Katai, Product Marketer at Creatopy
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At the beginning of the month, we discussed the importance of the social responsibility of businesses during a crisis. Brands worldwide communicated instantly about their humanitarian efforts to support Ukraine on social media platforms. This proved the importance of constant communication – building global communities. 

“The platforms are changing, the industry is changing, people are changing, the content is the same. It’s text, video, photos,” Robert Katai says. 

In a world where, as a brand, if you don’t exist on social media, you don’t exist, and there is this overwhelming feeling that there are too many platforms and not enough time or content, Robert Katai is known to boost morale, ignite inspiration, and help brands develop their online presence. 

In today’s interview, we get to discover more about how B2B companies can tap into social media to build their online presence with fewer resources, but with a better focus. We will then move to what is new in the digital marketing world in 2022 – think “snackable content”, and if brands should launch podcasts or not. As an avid podcaster, we were quite intrigued to learn more about Katai’s success story. 

What is a product marketer?

“A product marketer is a bridge between the product and the market, it’s about taking care to be aligned with the same positioning, messaging, and benefits for the consumer and the prospect,” Robert Katai shares. 

In the role of Product Marketer at Creatopy, a visual production platform built in Romania, and scaled internationally, Robert Katai’s responsibility is to aid entrepreneurs build their online communities and help promote and monetize their products or services. 

In his current position, he tries to understand the customer and help him define the market. Then, proceeds to develop the positioning steps and messaging. Next, he assembles the plan and keeps measuring and adapting to meet the target. 

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Creatopy was launched in 2008 and it used to be called Bannersnack. Both he and the company were born in Oradea, but for the past decade, he has been developing in the city of Cluj-Napoca alongside the team, as well as a freelance content strategist. Robert has always worked in marketing, both as a content creator, as well as a campaign manager. 

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