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Polish Startup Epinote Raises €1.4M for its AI-Powered Approach to Work Productivity

Polish startup Epinote helps companies improve in-house operations and save time for essential work, by providing a plug & play workforce that can be deployed directly into company workflows.
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• Polish startup Epinote raised  €1.4M in a pre-seed round led by Movens Capital, Kogito Ventures, Next Road Ventures, with the participation of Corvus Ventures, and business angels.

• Epinote’s solution offers plug & play workforce that takes over mundane and repetitive tasks that cannot be automated, previously performed by in-house employees.

• The funding will be used to develop the digital platform to further improve the efficiency of the workforce and the automated system for task ordering and project management

The Polish startup helps companies improve in-house operations and save time for essential work, by providing a plug & play workforce that can be deployed directly into company workflows. The solution is supported by process engineering ensuring efficiency and quality, and technology for project tracking, automation, and integration with clients’ own software.

Tasks that Epinote is already performing for their clients include data annotation and enrichment for analytics and AI development, lead generation and validation, CRM management, customer acquisition, market research, analysis and monitoring, as well as support for internal processes, including document management.

“What we see as the solution to work productivity is a perfect blend of AI, automation, and human input. That is what we’re building at Epinote. It consists of process engineering, automated solutions, and a flexible workforce deployed exactly when needed. All managed from our custom-built platform to design workflows, assign workers and integrate automated solutions, all the while measuring the quality of output,” the company’s CEO and co-founder Mateusz Wiklo tells The Recursive.

Cooperation instead of full automation

According to Wiklo, AI and automation aren’t here to replace humans, but to enhance their capabilities.

“We’ve been observing the quantum leap of generative AI and it’s nothing less than impressive. But it still lacks critical thinking and decision-making capabilities. This is the domain of humans. And the development of AI still requires data annotation and enrichment, provided by people,” he adds.

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Additionally, at the same time companies overspend on SaaS tools, which are not tailored to unique company needs and require regular human oversight, the company explains.

Wiklo and the company’s other co-founder Kacper Raszkiewicz have diversified experience in tech products and services as well as consulting, and have had first-hand experience with the work efficiency shift and major challenges related to the hiring and deploying of modern workforce at scale.

“This is the most important issue that decreases workforce, and we address it with technology. We already use our platform to automatically deploy workforce, make information flow seamless, and deliver the results to our clients in a format they like or directly to a platform they use. The next step is the platform for clients, an automated system for task ordering and project management, to save both their and our time,” Wiklo says, explaining how the company is going to use its latest funding.

The company also aims to deploy the funding to build robust and diversified client acquisition channels. For investors, Epinote’s platform at the same time responds to new challenges such as the development of AI and also addresses the changes in the approach to work.

“In our opinion, Epinote perfectly combines these two perspectives, while the quality of the team and the very rapid growth in sales confirm that the company can become a leader in its category”, Artur Banach, Partner at Movens Capital, concludes.


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