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Polish MedTech Startup Raises €10M to Develop Cardiac Surgery Technology

Quantum-Innovations team
Image credit: Quantum Innovations Team

In a Nutshell


  • Polish MedTech company Quantum Innovations has raised nearly €10M (PLN 41M) in its second funding round. 
  • The round was led by Vinci IQ ASI, a fund established by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and managed by Vinci S.A., with participation from the company’s existing investor, MedTech Holding.


Get the Details


Quantum Innovations, led by Grzegorz Suwalski, M.D, PhD, has developed the world’s first sensor technology for monitoring organs during surgery and for transplantation.

Their Heart Sense solution is designed to provide real-time ECG monitoring directly from the surface of a beating heart. The Heart Guard technology monitors tissue metabolism, even during times when the heart is in cardiac surgery.

The new funding will be used to develop and set up a production line in a clean-room environment, as well as conduct necessary certifications, including regulatory and clinical trials on humans. This would be crucial to help bring the product to global markets.


In their Own Words


“The development of our own production line gives us the ability to quickly launch the production of sophisticated tools that can be used in more medical fields, which will further increase our market reach,” said Przemysław Furdal, VP of quality at Quantum Innovations.”


Why It Matters


According to the latest World Heart Report 2023 , over half a billion people worldwide suffer from cardiovascular diseases, which are responsible for nearly 20.5 million deaths, accounting for approximately 30% of all deaths. 

Alarming data is also presented by a recent study by iData Research 2 , which indicates that approximately 900K cardiac surgeries are performed annually in the U.S., with this number expected to rise to 1.3 million by 2029.


Investor’s Perspective


“We were convinced to invest primarily by the groundbreaking product and technology, as well as the practical experience of the team. The solutions proposed by QI address an unmet need in clinical practice during cardiothoracic surgeries. Introducing these solutions into medical standards has the potential to significantly reduce complications and perioperative mortality associated with heart surgeries. Investments in medical technologies like QI fit perfectly with our fund’s mission of supporting sustainable development,” shared Piotr Woliński, President of Vinci S.A., which manages the Vinci IQ ASI fund.

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