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Polish-founded OTB Ventures Secures $185M with NATO Innovation Fund Backing for European Deep Tech

Adam Niewinski & Marcin Hejka, OTB Ventures Founders
Image credit: Piotr Waniorek,; On the picture (left to right): Adam Niewinski & Marcin Hejka, OTB Ventures Founders

In a nutshell: 

  • OTB Ventures will invest $185M in European deep tech with backing from NATO Innovation Fund.
  • It will be mainly deployed in the Series A stage, with 10% allocated to seed funding, and more than 50% to follow-on investments.


Get the details:

Polish-founded OTB Ventures, established in 2017, is a European VC focused on deep tech. Their investment strategy includes funding late Seed, Series A and B rounds, operating in four verticals: space tech, AI, fintech, and cybersecurity. 

Their latest fund, the second and largest to date, is supported by significant backing from the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the European Union through the InvestEU Fund. It is also backed by CEE entrepreneurs, with LPs including Snowflake co-founder Marcin Zukowski, and OnDean, the family office of the Founders of Relativity. Recently, OTB Ventures took the lead in Kurs Orbital’s latest seed funding round.

NATO Innovation Fund (NIF), which is beginning to deploy the €1B it will invest in funds and in startups, aims to support innovation in emerging technologies, such as defense tech, AI, quantum, and biotech.

As previously emphasized by NATO representatives, the security landscape and the constantly shifting security threats, geopolitical risks and tensions, and the energy crisis require the establishment of NIF, as a way to secure NATO’s technological edge through innovation.


In their own words:

“Our new fund empowers us to further our mission of supporting disruptive deep tech startups that are leveraging Europe’s outstanding tech talent pool — the biggest natural resource that our continent can offer,” shared OTB co-founder and managing partner Adam Niewiński.

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