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Pitch Perfect: How to Get Your Story in the Media

Pitch Perfect: How to Get Your Story in the Media,

CEE is an emerging hub for tech startups and innovation – this is not news. To grow and be seen, startups need to tell their story to the entire globe – this is not news either.

What’s new in this article is how we select our stories and keep our focus on those that truly impact our community.

While we would love to cover every noteworthy tale, maintaining relevance for founders, investors, and anyone intrigued by CEE’s innovation requires us to be perceptive and strike the right balance.

So, what stories do we cover, you ask?

The story behind the news

The CEE region wouldn’t be so highly talked of if there weren’t courageous minds jumping into the unknown and building the next big thing. That’s what interests us and our audience to know: how it started, what’s going well, what gives you sleepless nights, the lessons learned. These are our most sought-after articles because every ecosystem needs examples to learn from. We know that in the startup world, not everything is roses and unicorns and we love it when our readers give us the chance to tell their honest story.

Fundraising rounds

In the dynamic startup realm, funds equate to trust. Presenting fundraising rounds is not just about money, it’s about showcasing belief in a team’s potential to make a positive impact. We enthusiastically welcome such news and want to be the startup’s supporter, next to its investors. If you are the founder or the PR guru in a startup planning to announce your round, get in touch at [email protected]. This is also encouraged and appreciated by the VCs – let us know your portfolio updates.

To ensure we tell your story timely and accurately, we encourage you to let us know about the news as soon as possible, even before you have the official PR materials ready. Don’t forget – when writing the text, keep it simple and clear about what you do, and don’t overuse niche words and adjectives. Also, include good-quality pictures, especially with the founders or the team.

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NB: While we typically feature individual articles for rounds exceeding 1M EUR or USD, smaller rounds find a special place in our newsletter.


Recognizing that change is the only constant in the startup world, we strive to provide reliable information to help you strategize your next move. As journalists, it is our mission to understand and present why something is happening and what’s to come. To create these articles, we tap into our network, conduct surveys, and interview experts. In our eyes, this is a win-win-win collaboration – we produce valuable content, our audience gains insights, and you can position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Listicles and snapshots

To present the different pieces in the startup puzzle, we often do listicles. As the name suggests, these are lists of stakeholders or startups in a specific niche/ country. Moreover, snapshots are also in our most-read articles, because these present, shortly and clearly, what happens in a country or industry. When writing such materials, we research different sources and aim to capture as much information as possible. But to make sure we know about your startup, VC fund, incubator, accelerator, conference, or anything that has to do with startups, reach out to Elena on LinkedIn and introduce yourself.

Guest articles

Are you actively involved in a field relevant to the startup ecosystem with unique insights to share? Consider writing for The Recursive. From business development to leadership, finance, or niche industries, we’re eager to involve our community in knowledge sharing. You bring the story, and we bring the audience – what do you say? If interested, pitch us at [email protected]. Here’s some information on how you can approach it.

Want to talk with someone from our editorial team and learn more about how we approach the news? Get in touch with Zornitsa, Teodora, or Elena.

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