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Open Source Daytona Fuels the Developer Community Worldwide with a New Seed Funding

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In a Nutshell

  • Croatian-founded Daytona, an open source development environment manager, announces today that it has secured $5M in seed funding. 
  • The round was led by Upfront Ventures with participation from existing investor 500 Global.
  • The new funding will be used to accelerate the expansion of streamlined development environments to developers worldwide. The company also aims to enhance the product development and hiring for new marketing, sales and engineering roles.


Their Background Story


Daytona, founded in 2023 by ex-Chief Developer at Infobip Ivan Burazin, together with Goran Draganic, and Vedran Jukic, is an open source development environment manager. It aims to simplify the process of creating standard and secure environments, automates environment setups on branches, and shares environments seamlessly.

Daytona initially emerged as a solution tailored for large enterprises, aiming to enable their developers to automate tasks, collaborate effortlessly, and enhance productivity. According to the company’s data, since introducing its enterprise developer solution in late 2023, Daytona has nearly doubled its Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). 

Recently, the company released an open-source version forced on individual developers, aiming to provide the same streamlined development experience. 

Daytona has raised a total of $7M from Upfront Ventures, 500 Global, and also the founders of Postman, Netlify, Supabase among others.


The Bigger Picture


Managing software  development  productivity  is  a  key  issue  in  software  organizations. According to IEEE Journal, developers lose 56% of their productive time due to inefficient environments. 

Daytona addresses this issue head-on by allowing any developer to create a fully working environment with a single command, “daytona create.”


In Their Own Words


“Our goal is to make every developer more productive, while lowering the barrier to entry for newcomers by removing unnecessary complexities. Today, setting up a dev environment can feel like starting a car in the 1900s with many steps and points of failure,” said Ivan Burazin, co-founder and CEO of Daytona.

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“Daytona makes it as simple as starting a modern car today where you can just push a button and go. We help developers focus on what really matters to them, which is writing code and building innovative solutions,” he added.


Investor’s Perspective


“We’re thrilled to support the Daytona team on their mission to simplify development environments,” shared Kevin Zhang, Partner at Upfront Ventures and new board member at Daytona. 

He added also that “the most forward thinking companies in the world have landed on cloud developer environments as a way of achieving a uniform developer environment for their teams. The Daytona founders have been working towards this since they created one of the first cloud IDEs over a decade ago. Their subject matter expertise and passion uniquely positions them to build a beloved developer experience that also satisfies even the strongest security requirements.”


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