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Next Consult will present an innovative ERP solution for professional services at a special event

Next Consult will present an innovative ERP solution for professional services at a special event,

Next Consult will present the benefits of Professional Services Automation solutions and the challenges facing the industry at a special event on March 29, 3 p.m. in the Sense Rooftop Bar. The #1 Cloud ERP for Professional Services” business soirée will bring together leading managers in the field of professional services.

Today, businesses need an easier way to synchronize Sales with other critical business functions, such as Accounting and Finance, back-office teams, and other services. FinancialForce is a complete cloud, native Salesforce solution for professional services automation. It facilitates the management of various billing models, streamlines the financial management, and automates the entire estimate process (quote, invoicing, resource planning, etc.). The main focus of the business soirée will be the specialized Salesforce ERP solution that brings together all business units in a single platform.

The FinancialForce ERP system offers customer-centric business applications based on the Salesforce cloud platform. The innovative solution provides real-time data analysis as a basis for intelligent decision making, best practices and functionality for streamlining and automating core internal processes, and integrated connection with all customer-related aspects of the business.

The event will be moderated by Orlin Dochev, Managing Partner of Next Consult. The event will include presentations by Ivo Kumanov, CEO of NIK Electronics, who will talk about his personal experience and the benefits and advantages of using PSA; and Ivo Dreshkov, Partner, Operations at Next Consult, who will show a real-time demo of FinancialForce.

“It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to our very special event. As always, we strive to bring value to businesses. In every event we organize, we focus on the benefits for companies and participants. This is our philosophy.”, said Orlin Dochev.

“The #1 Cloud ERP for Professional Services” soirée is the first in a series of specialized business events, announces Next Consult. The series of events will be focused on the Professional Services sector, its challenges, and opportunities for development.

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