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Metis Ventures Enters CEE and Appoints Romanian Principal

Metis Ventures Enters CEE and Appoints Romanian Principal,
Image credit: Mircea Ghita (left) and Merve Zabci (right)

In a Nutshell


  • Istanbul-based Metis Ventures enters CEE, looking to invest in 8-10 startups within the next 12 months.
  • Their ticket is up to €3M for AI-enabled areas: AI apps driving productivity, cybersecurity, inclusive FinTech, ClimateTech, and Digital Health.
  • The fund recruits Mircea Ghita, SeedBlink’s ex-Country Manager Romania, to lead their CEE expansion.


Get the Details


Metis Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm backing game-changing entrepreneurs tackling critical problems entered the Central and Eastern Europe market. The team behind Metis Ventures has been investing in tech companies for over a decade and deployed $2B in public and private markets in total. Since 2020, the team has been investing together through three early-stage funds: TechOne Ventures, LogoVentures, and TwoZero Ventures. These funds are predominantly backed by private investors from Fortune 500 companies and listed industrial and software companies. In 2024, the team gathered its efforts under Metis Ventures.

Their portfolio contains 55+ companies across 27 countries, co-investing with +100 global investors. They invested in Miros AI, Quin AI, Brand Defense, Kamion, Getmobil, and Cognitive, among others. Within 4 years, the portfolio has realized 4 exits, including BluTV’s acquisition by Warner Bros and Tridi’s acquisition by Xeometry.

The Metis team boasts over a decade of experience in investing in tech companies, with 8 investment professionals who bring a global perspective with a local touch.

To lead their CEE efforts, Metis Ventures has recruited Mircea Ghita, SeedBlink’s ex-Country Manager Romania. Ghita has been working in the startup investing field since 2018, having facilitated and invested in top Romanian deals such as Druid AI and FlowX. He previously worked at Amsterdam based VC henQ and studied at Rotterdam School of Management.


What’s Next on Their Agenda


Metis Ventures’ investment thesis centers on driving change towards a more sustainable future for people, businesses, and the planet. The firm focuses on 5 key AI-enabled areas: AI Apps driving productivity, Cybersecurity, inclusive FinTech, ClimateTech, and Digital Health. Targeting seed and late-seed (early Series A) stages, they plan initial investments ranging from €500K to €3M. Half of their funds are reserved for follow-on rounds to ensure continued support for portfolio companies.

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In CEE, the firm is looking to make 8-10 investments in the next twelve months.


In Their Own Words


“I joined Metis Ventures because I believe that together with this team we can achieve great things. I was drawn to the challenge of expanding and leading our presence in CEE and supporting the best tech entrepreneurs firsthand. My role will be to find top founders to partner with and support while establishing Metis Ventures as the top choice for early-stage rounds in CEE. We invest in entrepreneurs who are fun to work with, are on their way to dominating or creating their markets and who we can genuinely help,” says Mircea Ghita, the newly appointed Principal for CEE at Metis Ventures.

“The CEE region is set to realize its untapped potential as it has accumulated significant know-how and tech talent in the last decade. Similarly, in Romania there is a large young population and high quality of engineering talent. We were particularly impressed with the major shift in entrepreneurs’ mindsets towards achieving global scale and the growing maturity of the ecosystem. That’s why we believe that the country is going through a generational shift and we are excited to contribute with our resources and global ecosystem as Romania emerges as a regional tech hub. We are also thrilled to welcome Mircea to our team. With his exceptional track record of identifying and supporting high-potential companies, along with his established network, we are confident that he will drive our firm forward,” adds Merve Zabci, Managing Partner at Metis Ventures.

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