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Let’s Sesh On About Brand Building for VC Firms

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Did you know that in 2021, there were almost 10K active venture capital firms globally? Although some of them might not still be with us today, the market seems both quite competitive and free to build and grow new brands that can stand the “time and budget” challenges.

Narrowing closer to our zip code, we can predict that around 10% of the aforementioned number are European. In emerging markets, the VC landscape is slowly, but surely, taking shape. Some are known for their mission, strategy, and portfolio companies, others for their team’s identity, the GPs or LPs’ personal brands.

One thing is for sure, a strong brand increases visibility and credibility, influences people, and attracts the best partners and deals. It’s a cycle that you cannot skip for long-term success. Recognizing this, we are excited to announce the upcoming event, “Beyond Capital: Brand Building for VC Firms”.


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The speakers

Cathy White is the CEO and founder of CEW Communications, which specializes in working with early-stage startups, VCs, and the organizations that support them. The team works closely with tech founders to help get their messages to market for the first time and support them with strategic communications. Clients include APEX Ventures, IDVerse, and Mondu.

Jonathan Hollis is a Managing Partner at Mountside Ventures, which is on a mission to optimize the fundraising process for startups and investors – VCs and LPs alike. He splits his time running Mountside’s accelerator programs, advising entrepreneurs raising their next round, and identifying top-tier emerging VC managers for Family Offices and Limited Partners.

What you will discover

  • How brand perception can influence decisions.
  • How to craft and convey your unique VC’s brand stories.
  • How to use social media, content marketing, and thought leadership to build your brand and engage the right audience.
  • How brands can take you outside the local innovation ecosystem.
  • How to measure the impact of your branding efforts and align them with your long-term investment goals.
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Join us for an hour of insightful discussions, and actionable strategies to elevate your VC’s brand!

This series of webinars is brought to you in partnership with Sessions.

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