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It’s all about customer success and satisfaction. This is what the speakers at this year’s Salesforce conference centered around.

It’s all about customer success and satisfaction. This is what the speakers at this year’s Salesforce conference centered around.,

No matter if it is about b2b or b2c businesses, the focus is on the customer, his preferences, and desires. All of the speakers at the 9th Annual Salesforce Conference centered around the idea of customer-centric enterprise.

As per tradition, during the last 9 years, Next Consult organizes an annual Salesforce conference with the support of its innovative partner Salesforce – the number provider of CRM and customer-centric solutions. The conference was attended and supported by numerous companies and media from Bulgaria and abroad including Tesy, Postbank, Taylor & Hart, Prestige 96, BLD Bulgaria, Payhawk, DigitalK, BGlobal, ProfiLand, Tbmagazine, Radio 1, Radio Energy, and The Recursive.

All the speakers at the conference agreed that there are a few factors that are shaping the companies’ success.

First, you should always aim to ease and make your clients happy if you want them to like your company, products, and solutions.

Second, in our reality, everything changes all the time, so you should strive to always adapt, analyze, predict, and be prepared in advance.

Yes, it all sounds easy on paper. But how can companies achieve this? It’s a matter of data, analysis, efficiency, innovation, digital transformation, and the use of AI.

“We are thrilled to have all those amazing companies on the stage. We are happy and proud to be working with more than 500 Bulgarian and foreign companies. It is difficult to add value to a company that is already successful, that has been implementing best practices, that has been continuously working on improvements, process optimization, etc. However, we manage to add additional value, and we are glad our clients believe in us and give us a chance to prove it’s worth it.”, said Orlin Dochev, Managing Partner at Next Consult.

During the event, there were more than 200 participants, and impressive business stories were told by Emmanuel Totev, Chief Commercial Officer at TESY, Lina Varbanova, CRM Head, Retail at Postbank (part of Eurobank), Danny Want, Product Owner – CRM at Taylor & Hart, Nadejda Zaharieva, Sales Director Local Market and Export at Prestige 96, Irina Kaneva, Head of Sales & Marketing at BLD Bulgaria.

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It was more than intriguing for the participants to learn about the first-hand experience of leading managers and what they do to digitally transform their business in a way that makes a difference, changes the customer experience, and levels up the engagement and satisfaction of the customers.

Matthieu Dumont, Alexander Haditsch, Vlad Stoica, David Sitarek, Cristian Nedelcu, and Tibor Horvath from Salesforce, together with Tudor Trof from Tableau and Istvan Víz from MuleSoft shared valuable insights and trends that rule the mature markets and shape the future of business. They shared their knowledge, personal experience, and accumulated expertise from working with some of the most successful companies around the world.

“For the last 23 years, innovation has been one of our top values. The other Salesforce core value is about you – customer success!”, shared Matthieu Dumont, Area Vice President at Salesforce.

Alexander Haditsch, Senior RVP EMEA Central at Salesforce, said:

“Our partners are crucial because they are closer to our customers – to you. They help us understand the local challenges and provide all the materials in your local language. I want to say: Thank you, Next Consult, for what you’ve done in the last 9 years!”

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