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Innovation Can Come From Anywhere with Dimitris Dimosiaris from Founderhood

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Our next guest is an engineer by profession and a community builder by heart. Dimitris Dimiosiaris is the co-founder of Founderhood, a platform for tech startup founders in their early stage to support and connect with all the stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Greece. 

Born in a family of engineers, Dimitris Dimosiaris was surrounded by people who build and create useful products for others. In engineering, he found a passion and a mission to follow – to create something that would help the world.

Dimitris followed his family legacy and completed his education at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

But he was also an active student at NTUA, discovering his other passion for building communities. During his studies he created two of the largest NGOs in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation within Greek universities – ThinkBiz Hellas and Mindspace.

Today, Dimitris is an executive at the global community of founders – Sigma Squared Society, and a co-founder of Founderhood.

The idea behind Founderhood is to deliver equal information and opportunities to entrepreneurs from every corner of the planet. Dimitris Dimosiaris is on a mission to solve a global problem for entrepreneurs who are unfortunate enough to live in an area with an immature innovation ecosystem. With the help of Founderhood, Dimitris hopes that more people will embrace the unknown in the field of entrepreneurship. Because “innovation can come from everywhere,” Dimitris believes.

In his conversation with Desy Karapchanska, we get to know what drives Dimitris Dimosiaris and what are the people he looks up to. For him being successful means to have a lasting impact. 

“To build something that will last and will remain. That’s what drives me,” Dimitris explains. 

In this episode, Dimitris Dimosiaris also shares what characteristics a leader should possess. “A leader is a person who really cares about what he’s doing. And he treats the people around him fairly.”

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“I believe that what The Recursive team does is one of the most important things because storytelling is essential. You have to persuade more ambitious people to choose that career path,” Dimitris concludes.

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