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Medtech Startup Index Health Raises $6M from CEE Investors to Revolutionize Healthcare

Medtech Startup Index Health Raises $6M To Revolutionize Healthcare With Data-driven Medicine
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• Miami-based telemedicine company with Serbian founder Index Health raises $6M in a seed round co-led by LAUNCHub Ventures and Inovo Venture Partners

• Index Health looks to revolutionize healthcare with personalized and data-driven medicine, and focus on heart health, female health, autoimmunity, and gut health

• The seed round injected by CEE investors in a US-first business proves growing ambition of both founders and VCs in the region

Founded at the end of 2020, the company plans to allocate part of  new capital to the recruitment of top-tier medical professionals, and engineering talent for product development.

They also aim to expand the operations launched in Florida to all 50 US states, and continue with certified laboratory partnerships in each state.

“One million members in 3 years is our target, and it is feasible, no question about that. The root-cause method proves its superior effectiveness to the ubiquitous prescription medicine. Our first cohort of test patients registered a 80% improvement via the root-cause method compared to what was tried before with chronic disease treatment,” Luka Ivicevic, co-founder and CEO of Index Health said in a statement.

Chronic frustration with the inefficiency of traditional approaches

According to Ivicevic, the idea for Index Health came mainly with the chronic frustration stemming from the inefficiency of traditional approaches to treating diseases such as cardiovascular conditions and diabetes. 

“The identification of the root cause of the disease with the involvement of medical professionals and extensive laboratory tests have largely been lacking. Ditto active monitoring. We are hiring more physicians to keep medical standards high,” said Ivicevic.

Therefore, Index Health leverages telemedicine, advanced lab testing, and comprehensive EHR (electronic health records) with a good measure of AI features to speed up medical data processing for personalized diagnostics. 

The data-driven approach of Index Health is also close to three times cheaper than prescription-based treatment of chronic diseases, saving $4,000 of yearly expenses, the company explained.

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“This is what the ‘tech’ in health-tech should stand for – empowering medical professionals to address the root of the problem instead of applying band-aid by simply alleviating symptoms. We are excited to invest in an experienced team with a great track record, ready to scale and heal,” Todor Breshkov, Managing Partner at LAUNCHub Ventures, said.

According to Michal Rokosz from Inovo Venture Partners, Index Health has the right solution at the right time.

“Lab tests allow us to understand much more about the root cause of health issues. Together with technology and patients’ readiness to be treated via telemedicine it is an amazing product to market fit. We are convinced there will be a couple of big companies built in this market and Index Health will be one of them. We consider Luka him one of the most focused and effective founders we have worked with” Rokosz emphasized.


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